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Dennis Shaun Bowman

Sarah Page

English 1010

14 June 2012

Growing Up Always

 Being born in a small southern town has its advantages, and disadvantages in society then in life. I was born in 1984 in East Ridge Tennessee parents often wondered, if children got switched in the delivery room, as my tastes in music arts then culture vary from that of their own decade.  When growing up, as teen I tried to go along honoring my parents abstaining from premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and I found it really not hard to do. But then what is my culture? I grew up in the south, so this automatically classifies me to be southern cultured, but what is southern culture?

Automatically people I have been around classify southern types of people with different names, your backwoods, uneducated, incapable of learning, dumbfounded, oaky, or yes redneck. This really is annoying, and very hurtful, but the thing is most annoying is, while people may have formed their opinions from watching too much Andy Griffith, or My Name is Earl. My southern culture is quite opposite. My father actually attended two years of college, and was on pace to be an English scholar. My mother is a real estate agent with close to twenty years of experience both parents no degrees, but quite educated despite the minor tones, and stereotypes society wants to provoke. Often from where I have traveled, and the work I choose to engulf myself in many stereotypes come along with it. “Oh you’re from a southern town you must be a redneck, and uneducated.” When no I’m quite the opposite I love learning, I love being social, I love to treat people with respect, and act like a human being rather than treated as a ignoramus. This comes from my culture we are people who pride ourselves in our work, we are hard workers, lovers of music, and different foods. My family has a military background, which is honoring, but Id rather stay away from the military. I do not like the thought of killing people. I cant stand the law, I love that it protects, but I hate when people twist it to hurt others. I love being a free spirit like my mothers side of the family, like my granddad, and uncle. Our family has a strong regard for using your mind, creating, and fighting for the good of society. I have a cousin who built an entire fruit store out of garage doors how funny is that? My uncle welded a band of animals together playing musical instruments.


  Part of my families’ culture is their regard for religious beliefs. However, these beliefs made it difficult along with being stereotyped as a dummy for me to in school. Their religious beliefs also have made my family be more passive in life, in business practices, and this contributed to my learning difficulties. Because school educates me, and then my parents say no you have to apply this to. Then it doesn’t work, and im like what do you want from me? My parents would often hire tutors people saying that I had A.D.D, or what not. I remember having the learning curbs affect me socially, when meeting other kids from other cultures who knew more about life, and I was left screaming in the dark what the hell is this craziness? It’s not easy, and until this day they still push the abstinence along with other beliefs on me, and it’s really annoying. I really love people, and do not like to segregate myself away from society, or throw off on anybody with other beliefs. The point I’m trying to derive here, if it wasn’t for friends of different cultures along with backgrounds to help teach me I couldn’t had overcame obstacles at home. Friends with big families helped me to value work, and to press for more in life despite my surroundings.

I totally love my parents maybe they are still learning too their passions for arts, and mine has also helped me overcome any personal obstacles. I remember getting involved in playing music then writing poetry at age fourteen. I started acting as a child, and I find myself able to express myself through writing, acting, or playing music. Then this also helped me become more social with friends, along with sharing interest in popular clothing, or food. This really disregards what is going on around me, and helps me to be social by thus shaping me into the man I’m becoming. I had rather to use my mind, and the power of bettering not only myself, but effect society around me as a whole. Through music, productions, writing, acting whatever have you. This is why I love to do it, It’s fun, but it also has the power to impact not only your world, but the world around you positively. I feel this is important, because people complain about morality, or the lack of values in our current standard to society.  When you do something positive in the arts, regardless of what’s going on bad in the world, people come together, as cities, countries, nations, and all have the same goal. Even if things may not be what we desire around us, watch a movie, or write a song, or perform. For me as an only child this helps me get through my days, if they are bad at home, or bad in general.


 I had mentioned stereotypical philosophy in the society in which we live, and I hate it personally this has made me cry. This is why people fight, and they do not want to accept change. I mean the reader is welcome to disagree with me, but I personally feel if a person wasn’t so concerned with pressing their agenda that we may see better societies. Then if cities, then the whole world embrace the thought, what if you value yourself, and your mind, what can you do positively to contribute? After getting into music, and have had great success with acting, then performing music Ive seen it gets us away from all the distilled formalities that people want to press. Zora Neal Hurston writes in her article “How It Feels To Be Colored Me” she says “Someone is always at my elbow reminding me that I am the granddaughter of slaves.” (Page 121) That’s really awful, so like when I’m put down, because of my southern heritage they say oh you must be stupid! Or they say you cannot possibly write anything, or know how to act. I have been called a cracker, other racial names, or then names in general of a different rhetoric negative nature. This is very hurtful, so I have felt discriminated against then I choose to stand up, and say this hurts no this is wrong! Then turn the other way, and walk in the other direction, as I feel society is better than this, and we not concern ourselves with this vague stereotypical mindset. This is very sad, and what drives me to say hey! So from where I was born, and from what I have learned by having great friends, determined parents, and influences has made me say back to people with this clouded view. Let’s all be one culture regardless of background, forget the unintelligent informalities and invest in yourself, and just because people have misconceptions doesn’t mean you then your life has to be misconception of low concept!