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Saturday, 28 August 2010



Copyright Dennis Shaun Bowman 2010



     “Dessert sand is the setting on a nice breezy night, the year is mid 90's , a army base is the view in setting. We see a skate board ramp set up for the troops in the work out area. A mans legs are shown from waste down, he drops the Skate Board down, hops on it and skates side to side on the half pipe.                       While skating it's obvious, the man is in deep thought. Back and forth, up the side,back down, up the other he skates thinking, under the cool night sky. He then is interrupted by his Sargent. Who is seen walking up speaking in a audible voice, he almost loses his balance, then a conversation ensues.”



Sgt: At ease soldier! *Speaking he salutes, the man has his Skate Board under his arm, stands up straight and salutes back.*



Man:  Yes Sir!



Sgt: Bo! You are the best at getting in and out of tight spots. I riot has broke out in the city, and we need you and a crew of troops, to get over there ASAP! I know your enjoying your off time, but this isn't a question. This is a order soldier!



Bo: Sargent Sardis, if I may have permission to speak?



Sardis:You may, but we haven't time to waste we have five men down. Two shops are in flames, and apparently there, swarming us from every side.



Bo: I see, smart. Then Sir! I think it be best if we take what forces  we have here and surround the city. If we are out numbered, that is the only way I see us gaining the upper hand. Do we know exactly which side of the city we the biggest number of attackers is coming from?




Sardis:It seems from the east and west sides of the street. But now not sure, this is escalating into the streets, I think it's possible we grant your request. I'm going to send in Marks, and Daniel as your corresponding lieutenants. You will report to each other, and secure your men. Bo you have your orders    report to weaponry at oh 800. You all will meet there and load up your gear. I will meet you, and we all will head to the city together. (Bo stands in attention he and the Sargent salute another. Sardis walks away, as does Bo.)







“ A city is in flames we see soldiers shooting, against the towns people. A man with a turbine on his head, takes the back side of his gun and shatters a window. He then fires at soldiers A soldier ducks around the corner as bodies lay in the street and smoke arises from the buildings. The soldier pull's out a grenade and throws it into the street. Directly in front of where he is being shot at from. The explosion sounds, and we hear screams. We then see a truck loaded with soldiers leave the base, then followed by two more. In the back of the last truck is shown a bunch of soldiers, Sargent Sardis is in their mist. He gives orders, Bo is positioned on the right, Marks is seen directly across as the men all listen to their orders.”



Sardis: I am sending out the first truck on the north side the first men to come off will, go into the streets, the other half will guard the outside, and make their way to the east, the same forth second truck they will enter into the south, and make their way west. We will, then fill in the gaps, but I want us to be a tactical sniper team. I want every single man in this damn truck, flapping your jaws constantly at another! I want it so F^*#ING loud the we will have to turn our volume down to hear our guns! Do you hear me soldiers?






“ At this time all three trucks are seen driving down the road, with the city in sight. As the first truck veers off, we see a rocket fired from a bazooka, striking the first vehicle. Men flying out of the back, the Sargent and men are startled as the driver starts yelling.”



Driver:Sargent Sardis! THE FIRST TRUCK HAS BEEN HIT!



(Sardis, speaks into his ear piece.)







Sardis: Don't question me soldier!



Bo: NO SIR!That's probably where the head is! The city is a diversion! They are trying to drown us! Don't you get it?




(Sardis thinks.)



Sardis:At ease men in  my truck! Ok Bo! I want you Daniel and everybody on this side to go into the Mountains. Marks you and everybody come with me, we are going into the city, surround  it and feel in the gaps. I REPEAT! I want the communication between us buzzing like bee's! THATS A ORDER! EVERYBODY OUT, BE CAREFUL, remember your main objective is each other, watch your backs!



The troops all deploy from the trucks shot's being fired from the mountains another rocket is launched this time at the city! A Explosion rings out. Shot's are ringing through the city streets, and smoke swarming into the sky. Soldiers are talking back and forth on their ear pieces! Bo and his men run ducking down into a trench hole in the sand firing into the mountains! Bo begins to change out ammo in his gun.”



Bo:Ok guys! We have to get to those hill, Shirley! Go back to the truck, take Badenski with you. I want Badenski on the bazooka, and I want Shirley on the rocket launcher. I need you drop a nice little stretch   of explosions in front, and I want the other shooting high, the rest of us when the path is made. We will make our way into the the mountain, Daniel you and me will stick together. Jordan the rest of you split in two. Get down on your belly if you have to! But first let's all give Badenski and Shirley some cover!



“ The soldiers arise firing into the hills! Shirley and Badenski make their way back to the truck. Sardis and Marks are seen  moving through the streets, Sardis snipes a man who is about to fire. He falls to his the ground, Marks shoots a man positioned over head, as they make their way through the city. Scenes flip back to Shirley and Badenski, who are shooting  rocket's into the mountains, Bo and his men arise firing shot's running for cover towards the smoke. Running faster, and faster. We see all the men make a leap into the brush. Ear pieces buzzing with communication! “








Daniel: KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN! * Daniel shoots somebody who is a about to snipe Bo.*




“A rocket is shot from the mountains striking Shriley and Badenskis, truck the both jump to the sides. Shirley catches flame from the brush! Badenski pulls him back, and stomps out the flame, while Shirley rolls on the ground, Meanwhile a couple of troops get shot in the woods, Bo and Daniel fire shots as the men take off into the hill brush going up to the mountain. Daniel runs overto the wounded men yelling into his ear piece as Bo chases half way firing shots from his 45! ”






Daniel: Sardis!!!!! Sardis we have two men down! It's Marsh! (Fires from the 45 are heard in the background, Bo rushes over, marsh looks up takes Bo's hand, Bo removes his hand, looks inside and sees a blooded cross necklace! Tears fill Bo's and Marshes eyes, Marsh smiles then closes his eyes.)



Bo: They are both dead! (Wipes tears from their eyes. Bo stands up to his feet, along with Daniel.)




Daniel: I hear Jordan!!!




Bo:Me too.... His ear piece must be broken.....




Daniel:What???? Jordan????



Bo: He says he is coming...... (They hear something in the brush drawing their guns they see a hand it's Jordan and Badenski.)



Daniel: Where is Shirley????




Badenski: He's down back at the truck doc's attending to him. Marsh and Frank?




Bo:Dead.....(He looks down at the blooded cross in his hand then he hears Sargent Sardis in his ear piece.Shot's being heard, we see the SGT and Marks shooting Sardis screaming into his ear piece.)




Sardis: There is smoke filling the streets, We have been trying to get these civilians to talk, what's                       gpong on Bo?



Bo:Well...Sir..... This isn't good, we have a man down, two dead. Marsh and Frank. Right now, me, Daniel, Jordan, Badenski are all searching for the snipers. They fled into the Mountians, and I think,





Bo: There is eyes following us. (Bo hears a shot and Sargent Sardis begins cursing.)



Sardis: Marks just got shot! I'm fighting off these bastards!!!! (More shot's are fired, we see the Sargent throw a grenade, he arises then firing his gun hit's several men through the smoke. He ducks down beside Marks.)



Marks: It hurts I think I can follow you.....



Sardis:Stand down soldier your not going anywhere except to get medical attention!



“ He helps marks up firing more shot's, we see the others walking up the hilly brush into the  Mountains, shots ring out from the hill sides. The men scatter jumping into the brush, Jordan and Bo are side by side. Bo starts pulls out gun parts, and begins building a sniper riffle. Jordan continues to shoot. Badenski throws a grenade into the trees, screams shriek out! Jordan while firing talks to Bo. “



Jordan: Got it together yet?



Bo: Almost..... Did I hear a grenade????



Jordan: yeah it was badenski..... From the otherside..... I'm shooting to the right, and you can see through the smoke.



Bo:Good..... Reload now if you have to!



“ Jordan ducks down l pulling out gun parts and begins to build a rifle . Bo rises up looking through the scope he's see a man ruuning through the hill's. Pulls the trigger, shoot's him in the back, we see through the scope who he is running to. Bo points the riffle upward and shoots the man in the head. He looks see's men running down the mountain. He reaches for his side. Looking through the scope he throws a grenade and rattles a explosion. Bo looks across and yell's at Badenski. “



Bo: HEY!



Badenski: Yeah!





Bo: Smoke cleared???




Badenski: Yeah!




  Bo looks at Jordan... “




Bo: You ready soldier?




Jordan: Yes sir! (Smirks)



Bo: Good! (Looking through scope) Fire to the left of the smoke!



“ Bo get's up and runs across to Badenski! Jordan rises looking through his scope and shoots two men getting ready to fire at Bo. Bo looks through the scope again spotting his targets on the other side. He fires, misses..... Daniel rises up about to throw a grenade. He get's hit in vest. He falls back throwing the grenade behind them. Bo reloads, he hit's the man who shot Daniel. He loads another bullet quickly he sees a man running through the woods he fires. Hits the enemy in his arm. The man drops the gun Bo, Badenski, help daniel up then lunge to the other side as a explosion is seen behind them! All four men rest in the brush as smoke clears....”



Bo: Daniel! You ok?




Daniel:Yeah it was just the vest....




Bo: Be careful lieutenant I have already lost two very good friends.... We all have.




Daniel: I know kid....





Badenski: No! I should had fired..... I'm sorry!!!!




Jordan: STOP YA'LL!.  We are all here!




Bo: Yeah..... He's right.... Let's just keep watch for a second, Jordan! See anything?



“Jordan looks through scope.”



Jordan: Just dead bodies..... Smoke.....



Bo: I got a guy he took off running but dropped his gun.... Something tell's me these are terrorist, and more than just a single person. I'm going to radio the Sarg! ( Bo speaks into his ear piece.) Sarg you there???




Sardis: Yeah kid..... Getting Marks medical attention....





Bo: How is he????





Sardis: Lost some blood.... He's going to live, so no pulse on the others???





Bo: No........ Everybody else is here..... We just had a shoot out in the mountains.... I hi....





Sardis: Get back here, if you see nothing.... We have the streets in order..... But lost a lot of life, on both sides. I want to see if I can get any of these terrorists to talk.






Bo: I'm out of ammo that sounds good.... Jordan is looking... But we aren't seeing anything....





“ The men stand up then shot's are fired from beyond the hill.... Bullets buzz over the four men's heads, Jordan and Bo sit down, Daniel and Badenski open up fire! The men exchange shot's Daniel hit a man, Bo look through his scope he see's four men. Bo turns his head to the side, throwing Jordan something, Badenski hit's another, the squat down as shot's are fired.... Bo and Jordan sneak around, Bo see's about  to shoot Badenski while he is perched on a tree. Bo holds the scope steady pulls out what looks like a bar. He presses a button, the sides flip out and it turns into a Cross Bow. Bo fires and hits the man in the chest. The other man run's off, and Jordan looks through his scope and shoots the man in his back! They turn and Bo Motions for Badenski and Daniel to come on. “







Bo: You almost got shot.... In the head!




Badenski: What?




Bo Uh yeah..... let's get out of here.....




“ We see The Sargent standing by Marks. He's talking to the general via radio.”



Sardis: we are questioning them..... Nothing Sir….. Nothing!




“ Bo, Jordan, Daniel, and Badenski are shown walking from the firey/smokey woods. Bo looks through his scope....”



Jordan: Whats up???







Bo: There is smoke coming from the base..... looks like where the planes land...........




Jordan: Let me see!!! (He peers through the scope Badenski and Daniel look too.) What the Fu??




Bo: I dunno.... (Helicopters are heard. The men turn they're heads and the see helicopters flying away from the other side of the mountains.)




Jordan: that looks like ours.........




Badenski: The Sarg didn't order that........




Daniel: No.......




Jordan: I wonder if he see's this????




Bo: I dunno, come on none of us are shot! RUN! RUN!



“ Sardis is shown screaming as he see the choppers fly off. We see Bo and the others running in from the desert. Screaming to the top of their lungs guns in the air. Scenes change we see the a congressional meeting taking place. Many people are gathered from different nations. We see the speaker talking, while Sargent Sardis, Lieutenants Daniel, Marks beside him, Bo, Jordan, Badenski, sit behind with several troops. Dressed in nice attire, some with medals.”



Speaker: Sargent, we are holding not the whole base, but every commanding officer in charge                                                                       on the 29th at fault. You all served well and were noble, but acted irresponsible, we lost not only life. But several billions in your irresponsibility. W have no idea where these choppers lay, the base endured much damage, and have no idea if the country is in grave danger. Sargent you may rise, and take the floor if you have in contradiction with what I have had to say to you and your men!





Sardis: Speaker with all due respect Sir! I wasn't the commanding officer who sent those soldiers out on the streets to begin with. I feel this is a unfair and biased choice on behalf of the courts, and I appeal this ruling! Me and my troops were rushed prevented and cut down the death toll and ask this ruling be dismissed and dropped!




Speaker: Sargent Sardis is that all???



(Bo arises startling the speaker,and the Sargent. Jordan drops his head into his lap.)



Bo: Speaker with all respect sir, I looked into two of my friends eyes as they died!  You tell us that their lives mean nothing! Sir the defended and fought well! By us fighting off the terrorists in the hills, I feel we did our duty and prevented more casualties from being took! Please Speaker in all due respect I stand with my Sargent! We lost some choppers, sir we have the best tactical force operations in the world! Let us find these people, we can get this stuff back!



Speaker:At ease officer!




Bo:NO SIR! AT EASE SPEAKER! I STAND WITH MY SARGENT! THIS ISN'T FAIR! OUR                 FRIENDS DIDN'T DIE UN JUSTLY! (Jordan reaches for Bo as the speaker get's red faced. Trying to pull him back down. Bo shrugs him off.) I'm NO FINISHED!











Speaker: Yes it is! Either you sit down officer or I WILL SIT YOU DOWN!




Bo: Not necessary.... I resign from my services right now from my duties!



Speaker:So be it!






Bo:Well... Anybody joining me???? (Bo looks around, Jordan drops his head in his lap, then slowly stands.)



Speaker: Anybody else?




“ Badenski looks around and stands up along with Daniel. “




Speaker: I'll ask are you sure?  I hate to lose such good men!




“ Bo looks around excuses himself. Then turns walking down the isle, and makes his leave. Jordan, Badenski, and Daniel follow. While Sardis is left with his other troops standing before the                                             speaker. Sardis turns his head as he watches them leave...”




Speaker: Sargent, you will be on  temporary suspension from your rank, and bumped down to a lieutenant. If you have any argument with this ruling I ask you to speak now, and take your leave with your men. Or stay on until a year is up for you to be able to regain your position. Do you comply with this ruling?




Sardis: I comply.




Speaker: Good then all is settled. I want you looking very hard before picking people to take these others places. I ask you use great judgment!




Sardis: Yes Speaker.




“ Sardis takes his seat. We then see the four men who just walked out, resting and talking among themselves in their hotel room. Jordan is proped in a chair watching tv. Badenski is cooking, and Daniel is sitting on the couch. While we here water running and Bo in the shower. “




Jordan: Ya know? I can't believe that  just happened.




Daniel: Yeah me either..... I'm a lieutenant!!!




Jordan: Yep.... we were just about to be corporals.... It's only a rank..... I mean, Bo knows what he's doing, and with our pensions I know we'll be took care of.




Daniel: Oh yeah... What are your plans??? 




Jordan:Thinking of opening our own skate shop... Bo's thinking about trying to get good enough for pro, but in the mean time..... Thinking about catching this tourney in Shroder... Then going back to the Beach to get the business side worked out, or  Feldlum??? We might have a shop in both places.... This is Bo's call he's the skater. I'm more of a baseball guy....( As he says that he see a ball player hit for the cycle. Jordan cheers, as Bo walks out of the shower with a towel on. Badenski laughs.)




Badenski:Common Bo! No ladies present we do not need a sausage fest! (Bo smirks)




Bo: Heard a bunch of ruckus what ya'll talking about thats so important?  




Daniel: I dunno...Our newly found careers....





Bo: Heh! Yeah.....





Jordan: I told him whats going down..... Skate shop... Vegas....



Bo: Oh yeah! Fellas.... We are gonna fly, maybe drive....Depends.



Badenski: Depends on?????




Bo: How many is going of coarse!




Jordan: I dunno Bo... We are in Washington..... Nevada is a long way.....




Bo: Yeah but you know it would be fun..... Just a thought....




Jordan: Yeah but remember, you have to start training...... Besides I'm sure Danny and Densk.... Don't wanna be trapped with us over a couple thousand miles.....




Daniel: I dunno.... I'm going to need a lot of beer after to day........( They hear a knock.)




Bo: Did somebody  call some ladies???




Jordan:That sounds good...But I didn't....




“Daniel says “Not Me” Badenski shakes his head.......”




Bo: Okay then... why yes I'll answer the door in a towel for a complete stranger! (Bo smiles)




“ He walk's to the door, looking through the peep hole it's the Sarg.”



Bo: Hey Sarg.... Come to give us our final orders????






Sardis: Something like that..........




Bo: Oh hell........ Now what? (He lets the Sarg in, shuts the door, and the walk into the lounging area of the room. Sardis takes a seat. Bo walk's into the bed room, throws on some jean's and a black  T-shirt. He walk's back out to the voice of the Sargent talking. )




Sgt: have been ordered to come and let you all know, excluding Mr.Bowman that you all if willing, have the option to renounce your resignation today.




Bo: Why the discrimination Sir? (Bo cut off the Sgt in the middle of his talking. Sardis looks a little flustered by this, takes a deep breath and continues talking.)




Sgt:At ease son, I have the floor, a n d even though you have resigned remember your still on federal grounds. So have any of you had a change of heart?




Daniel: Well.... Sir.... I can't speak for everybody else but I'm interested. What  is the offer?








Daniel: Well I can't go out west, I have obligations!




Badenski: I'm out....




Bo: Daniel, this will work out........




Daniel:Sorry guy's I can't go off on a whim...





Sgt: So then excluding Bo, the rest of you are out?






Jordan: Blood is thicker, I'm sticking with my cousin.





Badenski: Bo and Jordan are my friend's Sarg, it's been a honor serving under you.... But we have other plans, and I think we are all ready for a breath of fresh air, so my decision stand's as of today renounce my duties.





Sgt: So be it then, Daniel, your lieutenant position, will be suspended for twelve months like my Sargent rank, you will however serve as a lower officer, and work your way backup to rank. There will be a higher pay, with better benefits. Bo, this isn't discrimination, it's just because of your out burst, you have the option to return after twelve months, and to your former rank. If you choose to  re enlist. 





Bo: Sir, I just lost my friends.... We witnessed a blood bath, frankly sir, I have to start training. Maybe the next time you and everybody will witness me serving my country,as a Olympian.






(Sardis stands. Along with Daniel looking at all the men, making his leave while talking to the group.)






Sgt: Ok, Daniel,  I need  you to come with me, everybody else you will need to report to discharge at oh eight hundred.



(The Sgt stand's at the hotel room door with Daniel. His side, Bo opens the door.)





(The rap up the conversation.)




Bo:Sir, I can speak for me and Jordan when I say we are with Badenski, it has been a  honor serving under you.





Jordan: Yes it has sir.




Sgt:The honor has been mine, it's a sad day, this little unexpected war has made us lose more than our fair share. We will leave now, Daniel will have to stay  in the barracks due to his decision. You men will receive federal papers, and always have the option to change your minds. I hope you may reconsider,because I have a feeling which I hope I am wrong, but this war may not be over. So men. (They all exchange salutes.) I wish you all the very best in your lives.




( Scenes change to soldiers behind a desk handing out papers and belongings. We then see Jordan walk's up to the door out side he opens the door for Badenski and Bo. They walk in and each          of them stand in line talking amongst themselves.)





Jordan: So we now the plan is the beach?





Bo: Yeah.... I'm thinking Pineshore. I'll train there.





Badenski: Well I honestly think you guys should consider Feldlum again..... I mean it's not as hot....










(Jordan listening takes his papers, Badenski and Bo follow chatting among themselves.)




Bo: Yeah but the w in t er s aren't that cold. I think the cooler weather benefits me more, but hey! I'm not the only person in the group if you guy's have any objections we can need to work it out.






Badenski: I see your point.....






Bo: Yeah... there is a lot of skating areas on the beach, and it's not far from the Condo. … Are you ok Bradley?





Badenski:  Yeah.....





Jordan:man this is really just...... different.....





Bo: It's ok cuz.... I know you haven't been, but the girl's and La is just awesome! Beach everyday, it's the perfect place to train and have fun. Badenski you know.




Badenski:Yeah, it will.












(Jordan stands up taking his paper work to the desk. Bo and Badenski follow, they hand the soldier their paper work, he walk's away to grab their bags. We then are shown a group of men talking beside a bar, it's night out, and the music is loud, you can hear it outside. The two men are Jake Varcelli, and Wes Scranton they are met by a bouncer and he let's them inside. They make way through a crowd of people dancing. Following a man up into a backroom.  They enter, 

and some people are sitting around a very large table. A voice speaks up from a dark corner of the room.)




Man: I'm delighted you all decided to attend.





Jake: Well (Laughing) You know I like to check on my investments.




Man:I understand.... Look I feel the need to let you all know,yes I'm aware some of your background. Which is good, because we had to up the anny on our efforts. My sources tell me,they are working fast, but now is time for me to make sure everybody knows what's at stake.




Scranton: Yo Homie! Who the hell are you?




(He steps forward turning a chair around and takes a seat. Everybody is surprised by his actions and appearance for they notice, the man has his hair back in a pony tail, he is very handsome.             He then  introduces himself.)




Man: I'm Dealer. I get the deals complete, I guess you might say I close things out. I appreciate everybody's contributions. But just remember there's nobody that's un expendable.




Jake: You threatening us?








Dealer: Well..Yes, think of it as a warning.






(Scranton reaches inside his jacket, and is met from behind by two very large men, who plant his face smack down on the table. Jake looks worried.)







Dealer:Would you like to be the first example Mr.Scranton?




(Scranton yelling)






Scranton:Naw, I'm straight, I'm STRAIGHT! I'm not playin! BACKOF.....






( Dealer motions for them to let him be.)





Dealer: Good, now that I have your undivided attention, I really like you fellas. If you look down on the table, everybody as been gave a envelope. It's very important,when they are opened. You, Your men do as exactly as they say. If you have second thought's or think any of your working relations do, if your reading the orders stand, that person is to be delt with. If any of you feel you  can't comply, we can start tonight, to serve as a example for the rest.



(Everybody opens their envelopes.)







Dealer:Gonna have any problems?  Carrying these wishes out?





(Jake and Scranton give each other a look.)






Jake: Look the Varcellies and Scrantons..... (Looking at Wes) Are together, we can handle our boy's.






Dealer: That's what I like to hear!






(We then are shown a skate board in view, as the scene comes into focus, Bo is skating on a half pipe. He goes up the other side, then Jordan drops Down, Badenski stands by watching. Bo yells at Badenski.)






Bo: YO Densk!  How was that? See any flaws?






Badenski: Well other than the fact I think we all could go out and get laid... Ha.... I mean you look         solid, but I think you need to be carful landing that ollie coming out of the 180.




(Jordan skates up then stands beside Bo on the half pipe. Yelling at Badenski.)*






Jordan: Densk. The parties here! Your the wing man, supposed to have the ladies when we get finished,  you know it's proper conditioning.





Bo:Yeah Densk, what kinda trainer are you?





(Bo and Jordan make their way off the half pipe walking towards Badenski.)






Bo:Na man, your right.... Need to go out and have some fun. Let's head back to the condo.





Jordan: YES!




(They are walking together, taking off the their gear talking to Badenski.)




Bo: How are you liking Cali Cuz?





Jordan: Oh, having a blast dude!





Bo: See told ya! Densk what about you?




Badenski: Oh it's great as alway's, I'm just dealing with that small inner struggle in my mind, thinking what the hell are we doing?






Bo: HAA! Living life yo! So what do you  guys think good call, or bad???





Jordan: I'm happier.






Badenski: No complaints, you know this is my second time here. I'm just wishing I could skate. I'm seriously thinking about taking up surfing. So  I'll be on the beach looking at, and talking to all the pretty womens faces, while you two make love to your skate boards. Or screw boards... Might be more fitting.






(They all laugh, we then are shown former a dessert over seas, a explosion goes off dismantling the bases air port. Former Sargent now Lieutenant Sardis, in the middle of what seems to be rushing soldiers, running different directions. Through the confusion, Some choppers fly over, as the soldiers open fire and are met with fire back. Sardis spot's Daniel in the crowd, and hollers out.)






Sardis: Daniel! Get back inside, Get back INSIDE!






(As he says that a sniper  from the desert shoots Daniel, and piercing his stomach, and falling to the ground. Sardis watches in horror, he then makes a run back inside as the whole base is under attack. We then see what appears to be a convenient store in a desert. A car drives up and stops by a gas pump. A man and woman get out of the car, she complains about having to use the

 restroom. They walk up to the door's and go inside. They look around.)







Lady: Hello???





Man: He....*(A Arab gentleman steps out from the back room. Smiling, while fan's blow over the counter in the hot store.)*  Oh... Hey... Startled us.*(The Lady looks worried.)*







 Clerk: Key's! (He reaches into his pocket pulling out stale keys.)







Man: Thank's just the single restroom? *(Walking forward, when he get's closer to take the keys he sees a bigger Arab man step out from the back. He stops and looks as the bigger man walk's by he and his girlfriend. Then continues to walk, looking awkwardly at the big man, while the man walk's closer to the entrance. The man shakes ihis head as his girlfriend gives him a weary look, when he get's closer to the clerk, he speaks to the clerk again.)* So you didn't answer me... Is there not a men and womens restroom?






Clerk: Of coarse!






(He smiles, the man reaches for the key's, when he grabs them, the clerk suddenly grab's the man by the wrist and smiles. While pulling a 45 from behind the counter and putting it in the man's face. He tell's his girlfriend to run she look's as the big man locks the doors, locking them all inside. Scenes then change. To a nice view of the ocean and waves, cascading over nice white sand. A camera circles the room,and the front door opens. Jordan, Badenski and Bo walk inside talking, Bo walk's over to the den table picking up a remote and flipping on the tv, he changes channels a few times, then his mouth drop's as they all seethe devastating report from the base attack.)





Badenski: Oh God, that's where Daniel and Sardis are stationed!





Bo: WoW! So far four hundred deaths combined...... We were just there!






(Jordan grabs tea from the fridge and begins to pour.)






Badenski: I haven't talked to Daniel since we left....






Bo: We should call! Check on them....






Jordan:It's going to take forever to get through.





Bo: But still....





Jordan: But still... I know I'm only speaking of the rationally, do you realize how many lines are in use,and how hard it is to get through already?




Bo: Yeah....This isn't good....





Bedenski: Kinda put's a damper ongoing out......






Bo: Look, let's get ready, and try to get through as we enjoy the night... If that's possible....I don't wanna sound bossy, I mean... That's just the way I see it. What else can we do, what do you guys think?







Jordan: Well... If we stay here... We will just be calling..... Don't feel bad cuz..... I think that's a great idea, I'll start calling while you get ready.







Badenski: Yeah Bro..... What else can we do????







Bo: Well: I just feel bad.... I mean we should all   still be there fighting! Cause of me w.....







Jordan: No Cuz! We stood beside you. You stood up! You are right! This war isn't being ran right! Don't beat yourself up because we have a right to choose, and you didn't make us!






Badenski:Yeah Bo... Take it easy man.... We cool....





(Jordan phones Sardis. We then see A gas station is shown in a hot summer day, in Shire Bay, people are pumping gas, a swat van pulls up while customers pay for their gas inside. A woman starts arguing with the man at the counter, because he refuses to ring her up. On the outside the police begin to rope off the gas station demanding all the people go inside. A nearby by man is sitting in his car eating a sandwich, he turns up his CB, because he is a un marked officer. He calls dispatch.)



Man: Gloria!








Man:Did you call for swat to block off a gas station?*(He look's as the people go inside.)*






Gloria: Not that I'm aware of.....





(Man puts down his sandwich.)





Man:Thank's Gloria I'm going in for a closer look.





(The Swat officers start demanding the people get down inside. The lady in front fighting with the cashier yell's in a heap! He forces her down. They lock the door's. The Off clock officer get's out of his car to investigate. He then see's from a distance what is transpiring. He run's back to his car, opening up the door fast. Then going directly for the CB.)




Man: Gloria!!! I have a hostage situation at corner of 34th and 12th. We need swat!





Gloria:That's funny..... Jekovilli just called in a similar report off Ivanberg...





(The man stops pressing his hand against his forehead as he let's the dispatch cord dangle. We see Badenski driving a suv, Bo, and Jordan are the passengers. Listening to rap music. They are approaching Ivanberg, Bo is sitting in the back seat, he taps Jordan on the shoulder, as Jordan turns down the music.)




Bo:Densk..... Park over there..... I wanna see what's up, (Bo get's out of the car and is tackled to the pavement by a officer. Jordan and Badenski go for their seat belts. The man flashes a Badge as they open the doors to come to his rescue. At this time Some Swat men see it and open fire out onto the bare street Badenski turns on the engine, as Bo and the man hop inside. Badenski slams the gas, putting the SUV into reverse, barley missing a car. The officer talk's to Bo.)




Man: Hey I'm detective Jekovilli! I ap.....




Bo: No it's ok...





Jekovilli:Sorry about your car.





Jordan:It's ok we are retired war vets.....





Badenski:And the curse follows us!





Jekovilli: well I'm quite proud to serve our country.







Bo: Apologies, No! He just means we keep running into problems.... We just got out of the big war that's going on over in Nor. We have seen many of our friends die. (Jordan's phone begins buzzing.)





Jordan: It's Sarg.....Hello...Srag???





(Sardis is shown talking on the other end.)




Sardis: You all ready for reinstatement yet?




Jordan: Saw the news...




Sardis: Yeah... We Daniel is in critical condition... This really isn't good, somehow we have let the enemy into our military. This isn't good, because several explosions were triggered on base. No idea how they started, then we were fired on by men who we're granted access, without proper verification.





Jordan: Wow..... Um, things aren't much better on the home front either. I We have just been assaulted full force by what appeared to be our on swat.... So Daniel is pretty bad huh?





Sardis: He....He's making it.... He received, a fracture of the fifth lumbar, in his spine, due to his fall. From being shot in the stomach. This isn't good. I have to go.... I'll be in touch keep your eyes and ears open.





Jordan: Always, and likewise, see ya Sir.



Sardis:By.... Take care. ( They both hang up, then Badenski speaks.)

Badenski: What's up with Daniel???





Jordan:He's in critical condition. It's bad. Really bad.





Jekovilli: Apologies, Pull over there in the empty parking lot, I need to call in see what's taking so long.





(Badenski pull's over the SUV, Bo reaches for the Cd, player, and turns up the radio. They come to a stop and Jekovilli steps out of the SUV and onto the pavement.)




Jekovilli: I need back up. We have another hostage situation. HURRY!





(*Bo watches through the window, at Jekovilli talking on the phone.*)





Bo: This is crazy, I mean what has our country come to? You know I was just fired at on a public street... Where hostages are being took rapidly throughout our city. We just got discharged, and now are in the middle of another war. This is frightening. I honestly, just am in awe. Densk turn that up please.



(Badenski turns up the radio.)



Radio: We have a hostage problem, which cultivated from the dessert, and has seemed to be emerging into the city. Swat has been reacting slowly. As a caution all Pineshore citizens are ordered to stop what you are doing, do not go near any gas stations!



(Jakovilli steps back inside the SUV.)



Jakovilli: There is a church off branch, and suckle. Take me there. Drop me off and I repeat go back to your home.




(Bo smirks thinking I just got out of the army.)



Bo: Yes Sir!




(Sardis is shown monitoring Daniel, flips open his cell phone reading news. A doctor then enters the room knocking first. Sardis stands and speaks.)




Sardis:Come in.




Doctor: I'm really sorry I need you to step out Sargent. I need to check his vitals and just need a moment alone with the patient.




Sardis:That's fine.




(Sardis leaves cracking the door, then walking down the hall to the vending machine. Bo,Jordan, and Badenski are shown riding in the suv, Bo pulls out his skateboard from the back. Some drug dealers are meeting behind a club in Pineshore, we see cars, coming to a stop, and people opening and closing doors.)




Dealer:Welcome, and good afternoon. I'm glad we could meet on such a sunny day. I wonder if you may want to meet a friend of mine. Since he basically, over through our military single evenhandedly.




(Dealer opens a car door. The gentlemen steps out, with a star in printed in his forehead, and and his hair fashioned in a pony tail, which is odd because his mostly bald. He steps out with a blank look on his face. He seems to be missing a finger on his left hand, and he has a piercing under his mouth.)



Dealer: This is Papil. He is a trained hitman. Retired soldier. He and his molitia have been behind some of the recent attacks. He is from Nor.





(Papil nods smiling he has several gold teeth.)




Dealer:He doesn't speak English very well. That is a working progress, but we have work to do. Right about now. Officers are getting gathered at several churches. To go in undercover and try to mix among the hostages. But their plan is backfiring as we speak.




(Jakovilli see's Bo toying with his board, as the three men are shown riding in the SUV.)




Jakovilli: So your a boarder?




Bo:Yeah, you can say that. More of a extreme sports specialist.




Jakovilli: heh...That's cool, hey everybody its SUCKLE! STOP! STOP Dam nett!





(Everybody seems shocked by the man abrasive behavior.)




Badenski A simple turn there please would had been enough.




Jakovilli:Yeah whatever man.....Hey, appreciate the lift it's greatly appreciated!




(The SUV stops Jakovilli steps out.) man.






(He says that hesitating, Jakovilli shuts the door. And approaches the old church. We then see Sardis walking by Daniel's door, he opens and see the doctor hurrying placing his hands in his pocket. Then the Sarg speaks.)




Sardis: What hell are you doing?




Doctor:My job just like you, just scared me thats all....




Sardis:No need to be scared.... If your just doing your job.




Doctor:I have to be leaving Sarg thank you for your time.




(The Sarg rolls his eyes as the Doctor leaves. We see Jakovilli walking toward the church. His phone rings he answers.)




Jakovilli:Hello???*(We hear a muffled voice.)* Yeah... I'm on my way inside.




(Jakovilli walk's through the front doors. Bo is shown spinning his wheels on his board. Thinking.... Jordan speaks up.)




Jordan: What are you thinking about?




Bo:Just stuff......That was weird, his attitude totally changed. He was sarcastic yet, he really emphasized appreciated, that's wow. Tell me I'm not the only person who noticed that?




Jordan:No.... it was weird.






(Jakovilli is hanging up his phone he then meets a approaching officer.)




Officer: Hello sir. Please follow me, the men are getting ready in the back.




(Bo is seen thinking....)




Bo:Hey Densk.








Bo:Turn around please.



(Dealer is shown holding his phone.)





Dealer:Almost time. Mr.Scranton and Varcelli how are you holding up.




Scranton:This is nuts.




Dealer:Yeah. Just remember where you came from when your having coffee with the President. Or you may be the President, remember the goal here is to. Show respect, at all costs, while really creating a more suitable living environment. A more open environment, which can any body get enough of?





(Jakovilli is walked to a big building in the back, where officers are changing.)






Officer:Here is your station. Change here, your garments are fine. Just make sure you take out what is needed inside the bag and then put your civilian clothes over them. Let us know when your finished.




(Jakovilli nods. The officer walks away. While walking away Jakovilli speaks out.)




Jakovilli:Hey I need to grab something outside.








(Jackvilli drops the phone inside the bag, zips it up and walks off. Badenski parks the SUV next door.)



Badenski:Why are we doing this???




Bo:I just want to make sure everything is cool......




(Bo looks and see's Jakovilli walk out of the front, he notices him pull what appears to be a device from his pocket.)




Bo: OH NO!




(Jakovilli turning walk's up the street, Bo opens the SUV, as Jordan and Badenski look awkwardly at each other. Jakovilli presses a button, and the building in the back goes up in flames. Bo tackles him to the ground, punches are exchanged. Jakovilli pulls out a gun. Bo break's his wrist. Jakovilli pulls out a knife, Bo fires a shot. Shooting Jakovilli in the head. Jordan and Badenski run to his side.)






Jordan:Oh crap! What are you doing? Cuz we have to go.



Bo:I wanna search him...



(Bo tears in his eyes. Searches the man, and pulls a paper from his pocket, they all here sirens. People walk out of their businesses seeing the flames, and some people are witness to what has just transpired. Badenski and Jordan help him to his feet. The Sarg is sitting across from Daniel he notices the IV sound.  HE JUMPS UP! Checking Daniels pulse, then grabbing the phone, he calls the nurse.)







(Dealer is shown talking to everybody.)




Dealer:Sounds like fireworks! This is the best spot! Come!



(They all gaze over the hillside, behind the building. Seeing the flames, everybody watches everything burn in awe. Sirens are heard. Dealer looks at his phone.)




Dealer:This is exactly what taking matters into your own hands is all about. But it's also process of elimination. We have pin pointed the Churches where we have our unbelievers, and churches where we have our believers. Mr.Jakovilli should e joining us soon. Tell me how would you rate this hand?




Scranton: A.... full house.




Varcelli:Na.... A Royal flush!




Dealer:Good, making sure your paying attention. You two ride with us, we are going to our next destination.






Scranton: That would be?





Dealer:It's a surprise.... Just wait your turn. You'll see. Just remember when I give you your hand, to play it wisely.




(The Sarg is assisting the nurses as they try and revive Daniel....)




Nurse:He's gone.




Sarg: NO...NO … I WAS HERE! He was here? Who was that Doctor?





Nurse:Sir with all due respect are you ok?









Nurse:The next Doctor isn't due until, 5am.....




Sarg:There was a Doctor here.... He...I …




Nurse:Did you do this Sir? Do you need to sit down...You look faint, I'll go get you a towel..EVERYBODY KEEP TRYING TO REVIVE THIS MAN! I'll be right back..... Please sit....



Sarg:No I'm not crazy, there was a Doctor here. He asked me to leave!





(The Sarg steps closer to the door. Running out into the hallway. The Nurse chases, and Sardis is shown running away down the hall. Bo, and Jordan are sitting on a couch at his condo. Bo wipping blood from his face. He reachs for the Necklace around his neck, and stair at the now bloody again cross.)




Jordan:How did you catch him?




Bo:I dunno... I just pay attention to people and their body language... Bad Karma I guess.....




Jordan:Sad...What were you thinking in the back on the way here? I know you and your mind, you can't hide stuff from me. There were thoughts running through your mind.




Bo:I was just thinking, of the childhood fictional stories we, I read, this sucks the whole country is under attack and lock down practically, and we are discharged....




Jordan:Yeah so???




Bo:Cuz I know where I'm going, I can't let innocent lives be took like this. I'm going to fight.




Jordan:This is real streets if we fight, they co...





Bo:They could, but that's why I'm going to be smart about it.





Jordan:Wheres Badenski?






Bo:In the garage.... Getting some of our weapons together....Like I asked him to.





Jordan:Oh...your not messing around.





Bo:No...but we have to be smart about it...Or I have to be....





Jordan:You know we aren't leaving you hanging.... Love thy neighbor as thyself!





Bo:Yeah.. Common, time to get up.. Let's go meet him.





(Jordans phone rings.)




Jordan:Hold on it's the Sarg..... (Bo nods) Hey! Ummm what? NO!!!










































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