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Friday, 6 August 2010
A Hero Is Born
“Renegade A Hero is born.”
Written By: Dennis Shaun Bowman

Copyright Dennis Shaun Bowman 2010

          A man is shown with a series of event's taking place, hes holding his military partner at gun point inside a warehouse. Swat and Troops are shown surrounding the building, theres a man with scares on his eye lids stairing in astonihment of what is taking place. The man is named Dortanmier, he's a national terrorist, and psycho killer. The man turns as Dortanmier threatens him, the guy he was holding at gun point pull's out a hidden weapon. He then is shot by Gregory Hallow, who is also a  service man, alongside, Bo. Scene's are shown of picture frames with photos of the two recieving medals, and shaking generals hands. New's papers are shown, with headlines Sargent Riendhart and Hollow leave military, Bo invests in local Woodcelo business ventures. A guy skate bording is shown in a half pipe with a raging crowd cheering him on. He skates up one side of the pipe and lands a perfect ollie, then up the otherside, landing a perfect double back flip. The crowd roars! Bo is met by a new's Reporter, aka Gina Cook who is seeking comment, after Bo just brought home the gold in the olympics being held in Woodcelo.

Cook: WOW! That was astonishing! Bo you are one gited individual, who really has achieved the epotme of excellance!

Bo: Thank's Really just having fun... (His voice echos on the lud speaker) Really I.... THANK ALL OF YOU!!!! I DEDICAT THIS MEDAL TO THE PEOPLE OF WOODCELO! By the way... Cook right?


Bo:Let's go get some food and wine to celibrate!!!!

    The people cheer!!! Then People are shown leaving a local cafe, a shuttle comes to a stop in front, the people open the van doors, people exit, while people are shown eating sipping coffee and tea inside. A man exit's the bus brief case in hand. He walk's over to the corner table and takes a seat. Another man walk's into the cafe with a guitar case in hand. He's met by the Manager, they start a conversation. The two men at the table are shown talking.

Man: Jaun Nous vlaux bi dicret.

Jaun: Il it presque date limite, nous Vlaux arret cela Dilmma, Fredrick!

      Jaun looks's around, then down stiring his Ice in his drink. The waitier walk's up and introduces himself to Fredrick.

Waiter: Hi! im Tye. It's a delight to be served with you.

Fredrick:Je me excuse?

Tye: Oh........ so..... so....

Jaun:(Laughing) Dear boy we speak English.

Tye:Oh Comment tele vous???
     Fredrick, Jaun, Tye all eruppt in laughter.

Fredrick: I'll have a whiskey sower! Heh funny garsoun!

Jaun:Bring us a appetizer. We have a few minutes.

        The Two Men are shown talking in the cafe. The man on the right takes off his hat, and nods his head looking forward. At that time, Reed, the Owner walk's up to Fredrick and Jaun.

Reed:Hello fella's, how are the drinks?

       Fredrick kisses his finger's throws them in the air.


Jaun:Please Reed, have a seat.....We need to go over the delivery times, such as when we will arrive. What we'll bring, ect....

       A  man makes his way through the crowd, and to the stage inside the local cafe, where he sit's down his guitar case.  He opens it and pulls his guitar from the case. Then speaks.

      “Taking requests ladies and gentlemen, is there anything you want hear??? Anyone?? Ok speak now or forever hold your piece.....”

       (One of the officers speaks up.)
      “Do you know before you accuse me?”

      “Yes, Sir, I believe I can pick it out.”

      The man begins to play his music. With the crowd singing along. A van is shown pulling up to the airport. The man inside roll's his window down, as he comes to a stop, at the check in booth. A conversation between he and the security officer transpires.

Security: What's the name?

Man: Bakers, Chris Bakers.

(Skimming the list.)

Security: Bakers...Bakers, Bak....Oh ok here you are.... proceed.

     The gates open and the van pull's through. The officer, look's onto the next car. The Van is shown pulling through the gate, and into the airport. Chris look's around, and to a hand written note.

Chris: ....7.... 7... hanger 7....ah there you are!

      He pulls into the hanger and comes to a stop. A very well dressed man walk's up to the van with a scare on his left cheek. Chris get's out.

Man: How do you do????

Chris:Fine, how are you,(snickering) My Dear Sir????

Man:Call me poet, im ever poetic, like swimming fish in a sea of love.

Chris:What the Fuck?

     Poet pull's a gun out of his pocket

Poet:No! Poet, like poetry in motion! Say it!

Chris:POET!!! Ok man chill...please!

      Back at the cafe the The guitarest is finishing his song. Everyone start's clapping.Reed, Jaun and Fredrick applaud. Reed shakes their hands and walk's up on stage. Reed takes the mic from the man, Jaun nodes his head to Fredrick, they both get up from the table. Jaun also has a brief case under the table. He pull's it out, then they walk together, to the bathroom. While happening, Reed has his back turned in the crowd, look's back wondering what happened to them. He walk's up on stage, and takes the mic.

Reed: Everyone, thank you for coming out, it's been our pleasure! We will be closing in ten minutes.

     At that time Jaun and Fredrick, get up and head to the bathroom. People start to leave, and Poet, and Tye are shown back at the hanger.

Poet: This will be our operation. Kid you leak this..... your dead! Got it?

Chris: Ok???/ Got it.....SWEAR!

Poet: See those toats, boxes, crates?

Chris: Yeah....

Poet: They will be full of good's easy to smuggle in and out.... containing, artifact's, business supplies....Whatever is in high demand.

Chris:So what about tonight?

Poet: Glad you asked. Tonight you will be the driver. Tonight I have a man working a shipping recieving dock. He's already dis abled the camera's. We are gonna go pick everything up. Bring it here.

Chris: What about security here?

Poet: Dont worry..... I've got something for him.

Chris: Ok....

Poet:Alright so any question, repremands, demands, gripes are anything you want to discuss, speak now or forever hold your piece.

Chris:No...I'm good.

Poet:Great, get your ass in the van. EVERYONE ELSE! Attenetion, I want a Van behind us, when we arrive you will pull in first. Tonight im going to break this kid in, Understand?

       The men nod, Poet walk's off  and get's into the van. Which pull's out. Turning around then followed by another.Back at the cafe everyone is leaving.......Reed The owner is talking, Tye walk's into the men's bathroom, looking for feet under the stall's.

Tye:YO! Hey, anyone in here???? Hello I see feet!

    One of the stall's opens. It's one he's wearing a tobogin with hole's in the eyes, Tye jump's back then is grabbed from behind by another man.

Man: Sorry Kid....Just business!

Man2: Here's what I want you to do....Take a peak out side, and tell us how many people are left....

Tye: Well actually it's just us. The owner, and some cook's, another server...Your...Ah Your not killing anyone are you??

Man:Maybe not....Alright I get the people in the front, you take the one's in back.

      Tye exit's first. He look's worried, the owner Reed asks him wht's a matter. The boy is quite dist route. At that time.The door fling's open, Reed everyone out side is startled.The waitress screams. One of the men point's the gun at her. Chuck yell's at the gunman, then is shot in the shoulder the other man goes to the back. Tye is told by the gunman to go and grab the cash tip's whatever he can and put in the brief case. While this is happening a van is shown pulling up to a truck dock. The Shipping receiving clerk walk's out side, and backs the van half way up. Then the other van follows parking at its side. Poet, Chris, the other men then exit the vehicles, and begin a conversation, with the clerk.

Poet: Did the rest of those computer's get here?

Clerk:Yes but I thought you were wanting just office supplies....

Poet:Well honestly I want that, and the Pc's I find we could expand at the book store.

Clerk: We'll everything is ready.....

Poet:Great! Lets get to work fellas!

    The men are shown back at the Cafe. Everyone is tied up. One of the men start's to talk to the wounded owner.

Man:Do you have a alarm?

Reed:Yeah..... It's over there I have to turn it on when the door's are locked....

Man:Do you have a car?



Reed:Left pocket.

Man:Tye, get them!

Tye: How di....

Man: Dont worry about that, DO WHAT I SAY!

    Tye walk's over looking into his bosses teary eyes drenched in blood. He reaches into his pocket pulling out his key's, he throws them to the man.

Man:Wheres the car, and what is it?

Reed:It's a explorer...Red.....Around the side.

Man:Got it! give the kid a gun!


Man:You heard me!

Tye:I dont want that!

Man:You better, or I'll make you, and you go get the car take both brief cases. We only have one shot at this.

       The man looking at Tye tell's him to sit down back behind the counter, the other man walk's out. When doing the man who was playing guitar is standing on the street corner. He see's everything, hurry's to a pay phone and call's the police..... He talk's for a split second to a officer. The other man see's this, then shoots the guitarest in the back. The other man in the Cafe look's out side.


Scenes shift, Everyone is working inside the shipping and recieving room, Poet walk's in with a cd player, he plugs it in, turning it up blairing HEAVY rock music, as everyone boxes up the supplies. Then sitting them on the dock, two men are show on the ground beneath the dock. Arranging the boxes inside. The clerk stops reaching into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone,  reading  a message. The Poet reaches over to the cd player,  turning down the music.

Poet:Let's load everything up in the back FAST!

      Chris walk's into the main office up stairs, and motions for Poet. Poet grabs a bag of tools then walk's up the stairs. Chris meet's him and holds the door open, Poet walk's through, the both walk down a hall. Chris holds another door open. They both proceed into a office, Poet set's down the tool back, and grabs a electric cord, then hands one end to Chris, who plugs it into a open outlet. Poet pulls a torch from the bag. Then proceeds to pull out a mask, he takes off his plastic coat, then adjusts the viser, and proceeds cutting a whole through the metal safe. It falls out, Chris walk's over and grabs money, electronics, basically everything, and anything left inside. They get up fastly, Poet put's everything back in the bag, while Chris man the safe. Chris get's to his feet, looks at poet, who is putting his jacket back on. They are both shown looking around for anything else. Poet walk's over to the desk and grabs a sucker, then both men leave the office. Come walking back down the hall. Through another door down the warehouse stairs, and then Chris walks down the stairs with the bag, he opens the sliding van, throws a bag inside, then when he turns is met by the Poet wearing a plastic suit. Whos holding two bags of his own, they throw them inside. The shipping clerk goes inside the van and throws the  man three empty bags,  Poet looks at his watch, goes over to the cd player, unplugs it. The others are toting the boxes out.

Clerk: Ok, everything is ready, im gonna shut the doors,

   Picking up his gun  and bag he kicks open the door. He walks outside throwing the bag and gun  to the guys in the van, then walks back inside.Poet closes the dock door. Runs to the van and get's inside.The clerk locks everything, as the Van pulls off..We see a close up of someone parking a skyline behind what a ppears to be a flower shop, he pulls put a flat board, he then presses a clip on the sides and wheel pop out. Then holding a short bamboo stick. He then presses a button and extends both sides. His feet are shown as he jumps onto some railing, and skates up to the telephone pole. Then we see the man pick up his board, press the button and re extend the wheel's. He then folds up both sides and attaches it onto his gun holster which is strapped acroos him. The man with the bandana mask look's up the telephone pole, and begins to climb it all the way to the top reaching the fuse box.The man in the cafe is shown talking to his partner in the SUV on the phone.

Man:Park out of site when you see me.(The lights go out) Oh shit.....oh nothing just wait for me to call,  then GOOO!!!

  The man cursing holding a gun goes to the front door, walk's out side, he then holding a brief case. He hears a whistle from the ally way. He fires a shot into the ally.  His partner is waiting inside the SUV, when he walk's closer to the ally, he looks and sees nothing there. The man in the SUV takes off his ski mask. It's Fredrick, he watches Jaun peer down the ally way. Tye get's up grabbing a phonebook calling for medical help, Jaun is shown hollering down the ally way. Fredrick hears a tap on his window, he turns and is met by the Renegade. Who takes his bamboo stick and smashes the window. Fredrick slams the gear shift in reverse! Jaun comes running and shooting from the ally way, Renegade ducks then drops the bamboo stick. Renegade pull's his Shotgun off his back, then returns fire back up the street. Tye run's over to the window looking out side. Renegade and Jaun are shooting at each other. The SUV then run's up on the street corner. Renegade jumps up out of the way, and falls through some glass into another store. Fredrick drives down the street, picking up Jaun then driving off.  Ambulance arrives to meds get out on goes inside the cafe, the other to the wounded guitarest. When doing so he checks the guitarests pulse, and he's dead. Poet is shown back inside the Van he tells to stop his phone rings.

Poet:It's about time I hear from you. How did it go?

Jaun:We'll the deal is done. They have no idea we robbed them, but it could had gone better.

Poet:How so?

Jaun:We are driving a stolen car, I shot Reed, Fredrick killed a guitarest, and I fear Renegade may be close.

Poet: What street are you on?

    Jaun look's out the window.

Jaun: The intersection of fourth and eightteen.

Poet:Any allies?

Jaun: Theres one beside this old apartment complex.

Poet:Pull In! We are coming.


   Renegade is shown looking out at the street making his way through what appears to be a flower shop, when police car's arrive. One is Chief Corbel who walk's to the broken window, and Soto is shown in the background finding Renegades bamboo stick. A emt is attending to Reed, when a officer Donnell walk's in.                                               

Donnell: Tye?

Tye:No I....

Emt: He swears he didnt shoot reed, however he had the gun.

  Donnells partner walk's in.

Donnell:Sorry Kid, I need your bosses story, we are taking you in....

Tye:BULLSHIT! I called the ambulance!

   Tye runs out of the door and into the street. Donnell chases. Corbel inspect's the flower shop, he sees the back door shut, he yells out "Hault!"Tye is shown being chased down and cuffed at the Cafe, as Donnell catches has him he puts him on the ground. Corbel look's out the back door and sees a suped up Skyline speeding off down the road. Renegade inside, look's at the car's computer, and presses the NOS button. The Car accelerates down the open road even faster.

Corbel:SHIT!(Slams his gun against the wall.)

    Poet arrives beside the Apartment building, he opens the van door, and the men leave the Suv, and they all drive away! The Renegade is shown riding in his skyline, swooping by a camera positioned on the ground. He drives by, then is shown trailing off road down to what looks like a hidden road by a beach. the camera showing the car driving fast over the sand.The Skyline vears off to a road which leads all the way up a backside of the mountian, the car drives fast up the road. He parks comes to a stop and enters a car garage. Renegade becomes shaky when opening his door, and  tumbles straight to the ground, with glass stuck in his side. He gets up slowly taking off his bandana mask, he finds the nearest chair and takes a seat. Picks up a phone and alerting his roommate.

Renegade: Gregory Im back, I need your help I'm hurt.

Gregory: How bad, is bad, Bo?

Bo: My mouth is bleeding, I have glass in my sides and I have either bruised or broke ribs. Bring Ice and extra bandages. Hurry, please!

   At the Cafe Corbel is shown getting off his phone as he and Donnell are shown inspecting everything at the flower shop, and talking.

Corbel: We'll that was Derosa. Look's as if we have a meeting, to discuss this.

Donnell:Should be a interesting discussion.

Corbel:Should be, I also have a new City Council woman.

Donnell:Yeah, she got voted in....But that just sounds wierd, council woman?

Corbel:Now Donnell no one can certainly accuse you for being a sexest, now can they?

   Gregory is shown breaking the bandage tape for Bo's ribs. Bo is holding his head in his hands emotionally dist rout of the currant coarse of events. He begins to talk to Gregory.

Bo: Either im losing my mind or a step, to tell you the truth, im ever optimistic, this was a set up, I know the police will think its me. You should had seen everything Gregory..... Im bewildered really by the whole confrontation.

Gregory: I know your quite sentimental, but Bo,You have a choice! No one is asking you to dress up and play hero. I would really think twice about that if I was you for that matter. Your lucky you weren't killed this time.

Bo: Well until lately, things haven't been to bad. You know this all is a mystery, on top of it all, Greg, im thinking of Iraq, and Cleo! Its the hardest thing Ive ever had to do really. Remorse sinks in I lose my consintration, and then Im left, scorned & paying the dividend.

Gregory: Likewise, I was there too you know, I witnessed first hand Cleos departure. Maybe that's why you should consider taking It easy for a while. It's not a wonder your losing a step, with your career in milatary behind you. Your getting older, your body is getting weaker. Then you still do the extreme sports. How much can one person take?Maybe, you should consider time off.....

Bo: Maybe..... But I have to see who im dealing with first, I cant leave a criminal like this out......I'm going to have to, try to skim around search for clues. Really right now I just need some rest, and to think about all of this.

   Gregory pauses like his holding back something. He shakes it off, then helps Bo to his feet.

Bo: Something on your mind Gregory???

Gregory: No its nothing, lets get you upstairs.

   Helping Bo, they are walking together. A sunrise then is shown as the sunsets, people are shown walking the streets of the city going to work, shopping, coming in and out of  various places. Corbel is seen walking through the police department, with a lovely lady by his side. Scenes change to a judge sitting in his chair, looking across a full court room. at that time Officer's are shown with Tye standing in front of the judge.

Judge: Alright young man, or Mr.Matey, you are getting off easy.If your owner hadnt came to, & told us the truth. You would be headed to prison for attempted murder, and obstruction.Please keep your nose clean, I dont want to see you here anymore.

Tye:Of coarse your honor, I told you I was innocent, but im not happy. Do not like being falsly accused! I dont want to see this place again either.Really you at all!

Judge: Well....Chief Corbel want's you took to his office, before being released. I think if I was you I'd be a little more grateful! Court adjurned for this day anyway....Good day everyone!

     The Scene shift's back to Donnell talking with Corbel & Lovehorn. They are startled as officer's walk by with Matey in cuff's.

Donnell: Please excuse me Chief, Ms.Lovehorn, I want to see what they brought him in for this time.

Corbel: Thanks Detectives, tell him I will be meeting with him later, see If that calms him down. Ms. Lovehorn we better be going.

Ms. Lovehorn: Who's the Kid?

Corbel: His names Tye.....Tyler Matey , hes an alright kid, but has family problems....If Reed hadnt survived the break  
in he might also have attempted murder on him.

   They are walking together, Donnell then approaches Matey, and the two officers.

Donnell: You got real lucky kid!

   Tye looks at Donnell and spits on his shoe, then tries to break away from the officers grasp.

Donnell: Come on your a  good kid your better than this.

Tye: Yeah your right... I am better than you that's why you pigs want leave me ALONE! Because I'm Innocent I hate everyone blaming me for stuff I dont do. I will show you!

Donnell: Whatever kid, I would be a little more grateful if I was you, attempted murder, obstruction charges, are not to be taken lightly, Corbel said he wants to speak with you, take him to his office. Maybe he'll cool off there. Be good Kid!

   The Officers Take Matey by the arms, and escort him away......

     Governer Derosa  is shown sitting in a rather large office. Next to the city counsel, judges, lawyers, ect. The door opens, everyone stands and in walks, Corbel, and Lovehorn. They walk in shaking the Governers hand, then taking a seat at the meeting table. They sit directly in front of the Mayor, and begin their meeting.

Governer: Good morning Corbin, Ms. Lovehorn nice to have you on board as our new City Council Woman!

Lovehorn: Thank you sir. Im glad to be able to serve with you all, in the wonderful city of Woodcelo!

Corbel: Thank you. Tony...This isnt good.

Governer: No its not.... We are in a financial crisis, the city and country also took a big blow. Economically and personally we are devastated.  Have your boys found any evidence that could point us in the right direction, as to arresting the responsible parties?

Corbel: Well...Yes we found evidence in which we believe its the Renegade, but still many questions surround this, presumption.

Governer: I see, I want  everyone on high alert, Alex I want extra security at anywhere there's money. Most of all the Prison..... I dont know if hes behind this, but Im not taking any chances.

Corbel: Judging by the similarities, he may know something.

Lovehorn: Who are we talking about?

Governer: The crazed blood hungry murdurer known as Dortanmier....Some call him Lucifer, hes the killer we nabbed a few week's ago,really thank's to Renegade. But now, with this evidence, and the boy testimony, I'm afraid everyone is a suspect. Dortanmier once impaled one of his victims, then hung him upside down on a cross, Impaler style.

Corbel: I think we should try question him.

Governer: Have you lost your mind, Alex he want talk, he hasn't talked, and even if he did know anything he wouldn't tell us. Besides who could we even send in to attempt to question that psycho?


Corbel: Well actually im glad you ask, I have a duel Major, one in Criminal Justice, the other in psychiatric tendencies. I believe this would be risky, but I went to school at the best of the best.

Governer: hmmmm.......This is a two way conversation...... Ms.Lovehorn do you have any objections to this, would you be willing to assist us, I want you aware this is a very dangerous man.... But the Chief of police raises a very interesting argument, perhaps a lady may have more intellect in getting this man to talk. What are your thoughts Ms. Lovehorn?

Lovehorn: Well I am more than qualified..... I need to see this mans file, to see what im dealing with. But if a say no would this have any reflect, on whether or not I keep my job?

Corbel: Not at all... We are just throwing around Ideas really.... The city has been pretty clean since his attacks, but I have to admit this latest caught us off guard..... Its completely your decision Ms.Lovehorn.

    Lovehorn is handed a file from Mr.Corbel.... She begins to read the information. The Governer and Corbel resume the conversation.

Governer: Ms.Lovehorn you take your time in reviewing his file...

Corbel: Yes....please..don

Ms.Lovehorn: Excuse me Sir, but He actually goes outside like this? Is he possessed.... Brutal....He goes by Dortanmier????.......What a history! Why didnt this man get the death penalty????

Corbel: We tried.... But the government felt he could be used more as a weapon than a threat...So they are holding out on that for the moment.

Governer: Which they were wrong..... He has talked usually teasing us.... Or he chooses not to say anything.... Really hasn't hurt anyone surprisingly.... I can assure you, if you choose to do this, you will be most heavily guarded.

Lovehorn: Ok... Ill do it..... But the slightest  sign...

Corbel: The slightest sign, and we are out of there! That's a promise!

Corbel: We will be guarded by plexiglass, he will be positioned on the other side, it's a Prison so you know I'm sure they taught you that in law school. So you know the drill.

Lovehorn: I see... When will this be taking place? Because I need to time to review and prepare.

Governer: I'll have to rush, I'm pushing for tomarrow mid afternoon, early evening,Do you think that gives yo enough time to prepare?

Lovehorn: Well.... It should....

Corbel: I do apologize for the inconvenience, but we need to try and get information as quickly as possible, before anymore lives are threatened. Are you sure this will be ok?

Lovehorn:  Yes. Ill let you know if I have any objections.

Governer: Great! Ok Corbel.... I need you to show her around the city!

Corbel: Alex... One thing I have to before that if its ok.....with Tye!

Governer: Again? I feel bad for that Kid.....

Corbel: Me too, but I have a solution. Should really fix this kid. At least I hope. Ive got him a job at our largest food distributor.

Governer: Ah...  well with the new ownership this should be a great fit for everyone! Hurry Corbel! Great to have you aboard Haley!

     Donnell enters the room very concerned.

Donnell: Sir we had a some office supplies magically disappear. The whole shipping recieving pwarhouse was cleared out, while we were, attending to the cafe. (Shows Corblel pictures, in a envelope.) Naked and bare see.

    He hands Corbel of what appears to be a police report.

Corbel: hmmmm..... A Office Supply Store??

Donnell: I know....we cant find any prints, however we are a hundred percent certain they entered through the back, because suppossably theres a night clerk. But we cant find him.

     Corbel looks at his watch, then at Donnell.

Corbel: We have to be going, we will disc....

Governer:Get to Tye then GO!

  They all get up and adjourn their meeting. Thanking each other, and shaking hands. As scenes shift back to Bo Rienhart's Condo which overlooks the sea. He is shown practicing his jujitsu,  on his patio, which over looks the sea.Shirtless bandaged, he practices each movement wincing. Gregory walks outside onto the patio, watching him, as Bo bends in pain trying not to break Meditation, for each movement. Struggling to do so he favors his side. Gregory approaches max, with some warm therapeutic herbal tea, sitting on a tray. He sets the tray down, handing Bo his glass, Reinhardt takes the glass, taking a drink as he takes a seat in his hammock. Gregory is standing inspecting his bandages, beginning to loosen them and taking a look underneath.

Gregory: Your ribs may very well be cracked, if not broken.

Bo: The rest helped but still im having trouble, turning full force.

Gregory: The tea should help, with more rest. Im worried about you. I dont think your body can take much more.

Bo: Well....That could be but..... We have nothing else to go on......

Gregory: Just be careful because your not a hundred percent....

Bo: Dont ridicul and lecture me. That's not a DAMN option and you know it!

   Gregory is startled by Bo's abrupt reaction.

Gregory: A little testy..... Maybe you should go out tonight..... Relax...... Ya know get your mind off of all this corruption.Getting laid could only help too. so the ribs are cracked, it's give and take.

Bo: (Amussed)Yeah.... I will...... Im going back to the scene. Ive got to find out what was discussed today.

Gregory: Your a moving target now......... You know they will be looking for you.....

Bo: Well.... That's a chance im going to take. It's really not fine, be ready incase I need you. I have extra gear.

Gregory:See man even you know, the army stuff, the sports this. It's all catching up to you...Not to mention the business...

Bo:Yeah, baseball to flying jet's in the military is quite a change.


Bo:Yeah... you know all of that... No love life.....Im pethetic, I used to be so focused, now it's all interfering. Greg your right, I need to go out, If Im lucky I want to try and make it to the Cafe.Weird stuff man! I have to go back.

Gregory:Just be careful Bo!

   Corbel is shown entering  his office. Tye Matey is shown sitting in a chair back turned to Corbel. Staring at the ceiling. Corbel has a file in hand as he enters to talk to the young man.

Corbel: Kid your better than this.....

Tye: I know....Thats why im here.

Corbel: Dont get smart.... We are trying to help you. You know what I mean.

Tye: Do I Chief???

Corbel: Yeah... so why do you mess with people....You have this attitude. I know your innocent, but well.

Tye: Exactly.....

Corbel: You ran.....

Tye: They wouldnt listen....... You never do.....

Corbel: Yeah we do. Look Kid I have somewhere to be, see this file.

Tye: Yeah.

Corbel: Theres a man at this address be there, early tomorrow give or take about thirty minutes. There is a man named Lance. He will give you a job. But you have to show him your capable.

Tye: So the charges are gone, no complications....

Corbel: Look you work with us. We work with you. Just dont let me down. Im trusting you. Just be there about around five. He'll meet with you about four. Ive got to be going Tye.

  Corbel gets up leaving  Tye sitting, and he walks from the cell. Scenes change men are shown working by a airport terminal. They seem to be loading crates, two men are shown meeting close to the side.

Jaun: They are meeting with Dortanmier.

Fredrick: When?

Jaun: Tomorrow night.

Jaun: Does the Poet know about any of this?

Jaun: Yeah but hes been occupied....Word is we arnt moving in.....

Jaun: hmmmmm.....

Jaun: Yeah, I know..... Hows everything going here?

Jaun: Great! We are almost finished, and ready to move everything.

Jaun: Good!

  Jaun  pulls something from his pocket, and hands it to Fredrick.

Jaun: Make sure you go here when finished, you will get a phone call. Read the directions exactly as follows.

Fredrick: Ok ???? Ke....

   The second man was reading the note as he looks up the camera shows the first guy walking away. His wearing a black over coat. The other man gets back to work. LoveHorn and Corbel are seen staking out the office supply store. As evening has dawned, and the night has begun.  Donnell approaches both in the empty office supply store.

Donnell: Chief if you look at the safe we found these shell's but thats it. We don't know if he had help or really why or how he chose to use them on his entry to the safe.

Corbel: What about the cameras, did you check the tape?

Donnell: Well surprisingly it still works..... But we think  it was replaced, because we are showing nothing.

Corbel: Doesn't make sense..... I want to have a look in the hall way...Make sure nothing got over looked. You both stay here, see if you and Donnell can find more evidence..... I just want to see for myself.

   Corbel walks away, Donnell points him in the direction of the stairs. He finds the door, forces it open and starts walking up the stairs. As he finds his way in the shadows. Corbel forces open the door leading to the outside he's met by Renegade. He makes a movement like he's reaching for his gun, then he decides not to. Renegade pulls Corbel into the stair well, and shuts the door.

Corbel: You have a lot of nerve, showing back up here..... Your one of the suspect's at the cafe, which by the way I saw you drive away in your little car. What did you knock this off first?

Renegade: No.....

Corbel: Ok...I need a description of anyone at the cafe to see it matches the kids, and everyones.

Renegade: The only one I got a real good look at was in the SUV. Blonde hair short, Big guy.

Corbel: hmmmmm...... We did find the SUV though, it's Red, was parked at some apartments. But the Discription doesn't sound familiar..... Nonetheless ill have the guys in the crime lab draw up something.... Right now your just a suspect, thats why Im not strapping the cuffs on you. We also found your bamboo stick.

Renegade: Well I was trying to aprehend the real bad guys.....

Corbel:That's exactly what you  would say. However, Tyes in your favor, says he saw the little shoot out that transpired.

Renegade: Ill get you more to go on.

Corbel: No you'll watch  yourself if your smart.... Right now we are considering all options.

Renegade: Dortanmier?

Corbel: Like I said we are conside.....

Renegade: If your smart you'll leave him where he resides!

Corbel: Oh no worries he's not getting out...... But we have scheduled to consult with him, to see if he knows anything.

Renegade: That's crazy, He's not going to talk to anyone.

Corbel: Well its either that or I take you in right now!

  Corbel Turns his head as he hears someone coming up the stairs, as the door opens, he turns back around, and Renegade is seen by only the chief walking out the top door! Lovehorn and Donnell are shown walk threw the other door, Renegade makes a running jump to another roof top, when walking out side. He then proceeds to a ladder, that leads him down the side of the building, in which his car awaits.Corbel is shown talking to LoveHorn and Donnell.

LoveHorn: Did someone just go out onto the roof?

Corbel: I thought I said stay  where you were?

Donnell: Well you have been gone for awhile so we thought, we better come up here and take a look. To make sure your ok.

Corbel: Valid point.... I want to see this.

   They all take their walk, scenes change a man is shown getting ready for work, as hes watching the Woodcelo City News.

News: The Davenport Company, has now bought out, his second food factory in Woodcelo.

   A food truck is shown leaving a Deans Diner mid afternoon. Lucille is playing on the juke box. One of the prison workers from the local prison enters. Carol walk's over seating the man. He look's around noticing everyone look's kind of hummdrum, as there isnt much communication taking place. He look's over the menu as Carol approachs again, she takes his order.

Carol: I'm Carol how are you today Sweety?

Man: Oh im Terrance.....I just moved here.Whats good?

Donna: Everything Darlin!Here Two for three on the biscuts. We have discounted lunch portions if your wanting lunch. But if it is breakfast, we just got this new blueberry syrup in. It's really been hot this morning.

Terrance: Oh, sounds tasty I'll have that. I cant Wait!                   

Donna:Alright Menus Sweety! I'll get it right out!

   Chris Bakers walk's in at that time dressed in Prison attire. He looks around walk's over to Terrance and takes a seat.

Terrance:Excuse me can I help you?

Bakers: This is ver urgant, Hi! Im Chris!!! I'm new at the Prison. But today will be a busy day for us.

Terrance: So you were following me? I need to see your I.D...Now....

    Bakers takes out his wallet and flashes him a security card. Donna brings Terrance a plate of food. Then speaks to Chris.

Donna:Anything for you Doll?

Bakers: No, I'm fine....

Donna:Well, let us know if you change your mind....

Bakers:I'll be sure too!(She walk's away)

Terrance:(Eating) Not hungry Bakers?

Bakers:I ate.

Terrance:Ok so whats the big deal?

Bakers: I've been instructed to tell you about your new promotion.

Terrance:(Stops before taking another bite) Promotion?

Bakers:Yeah....Eat up, I'll tell you when your finished, oh by the way, can I hitch a ride with you?

Terrance: Sure...How...

Bakers:Bus, I was told you would be here.....Dont worry, I'll explain that on the way to prison....

       Tye is then shown taking a walk inside Woodcelo Food Proscessers. He stops to sign in and is met by Justin Mcdoogle the head manager at the factory. Justin interrupts him as he signs in.

Justin: Hello Mr.Matey its a pleasure, to finally meet you!

Tye: It is?

Justin: Yes follow me ill show you around...... The chief says you are more than qualified for many of our positions.

Tye: I guess....... !

Justin: Guess?

Tye:So I do things to bind my time.Thanks for the job, but Im really mad about all this BS!

  They are walk through the factory, Justin listens uncomfortably.

Justin: Dont be it's ok, you know that right?

Tye: You know just things to ease my mind..... I do appreciate this Mr. Lance. Im a very hard worker. You'll see....

Justin: heh..... Ok  kid.....    Well we are giving you a shot, so I hope thats true.
   Justins him around..... While they talk scenes change to later that day cars are shown driving over the highway, scenic shots of the city are in view.  Bakers and Terrance are shown getting into Terrances vehicle, and leaving the diner together. Then some cars are shown driving and pulling up at the Prison.They drive through the main entrance, down a paved road, and see  the chapel to the right. Driving down the hill they arrive at the main office. Doors are shown slamming, Donnell exits the police car carrying, Corbel and Lovehorn. Corbel exits they come around are met by ton of security as Corbel helps Lovehorn out of the car. They are shown taking a walk up stairs and being met by Bob the head of  Woodcelo Prison.

Corbel: Hey Bill this is Ms. Lovehorn she will be conducting our interview today, hows his mood.

Bob: Oh as chipper a s usual.....Great to meet  you Ms.Lovehorn!

Lovehorn: You too, so just ca....

Bob: Yes Bill is fine, if you both will follow me ill take you to where you need to be.

  They enter inside the hospital, stopping at the main door. Bob presses the intercom button , and gets everyone buzzed in. The walk down the hall side by side, Ms. Lovehorn is flipping through the Dotanmier's file.

Lovehorn: So..... what I gather, is this man has only a criminal background. No record of previous family, but a alias?

Corbel: Well actually we believe he did have a former alias.... with  think his name may had been, Nikki Maxwell, but really names are names..... Hes really just a demon to society.

  Ms.Lovehorn fumbles through the file, dropping it carelessly, catching some papers before they hit the floor. Corbel bends down to help her as Bill stops, a officer is shown on the on top of the prison wall. Renegade's car is shown coming to a stop in a secluded area. Renegade reaches for his holster and exit's the Vehicle, whe doing so he wraps the holster around him. The car which left the Diner earlier is shown coming to a stop, and pulling over to the shoulder of the road. Terrance is inside asking, Chris if he is ok.

Bakers:No...Im going to puke....I cant get this door open...Oh GOSH I dont want to puke in here.

Terrance:Me either hold on i'm coming around....

    Terrance is shown getting out and as he walk's in front Bakers grabs a gun,Terrance opens the door.

Bakers:Ok...Le...Oh Sh

    Scenes Change to Renegade on the back side of the prison. Renegade pull's a gun with a silencer on it from his pocket, he then shoot's out a couple of cameras, while crawling on the ground. After doing so he wait's for the officer on the big wall to turn looking the opposite direction. Renegade puts the small gun back into his holster, first removing the silencer tip. He then runs up to the gate, taking out some pliers, start's clipping the fence, and making a enterance. Renegade is shown working fast. He creates his opening, then enters, when doing so scenes change to Bakers dragging Terrances body in the wood's. Bakers run's back to the car, when entering sits down, and pulls out his cell phone. Then Dials a number.

Chris:Poet! I got our boy, his car, I.D and I dont think they will be finding the body.

Poet:Good! You aquired his address to right?

Chris:Yes on his License.(Walking Talking.)

Poet: Good, go to his house..... Get ready, you'll be starting your new job at the prison very soon.

    They hang up Renegade is shown running quitly up some stairs he sneaks up behind a security officer. The officer turns around, Renegade pulls a drugged towlet from his pocket, sticking it into the Officers face, and dropping him to the ground. Renegade the notices a very large window on top of another building. Renegade pulls the body out of site, he removes the jacket from the officer when pulling the body into one of the towers. Renegade places the hat over his bandana. He pulls the silencer back out and shoot's out a couple more cameras. This time men in the security room are alerted, as to whats causeing the black outs. A couple men go to investigate. Renegade is shown carrying his shotgun, he sees another officer, getting the jump on him when he turns around. He removes the towel again, and does the same thing. This time Renegade does his best to hide the body. He then makes a jump onto one of the roofs there he positions himself in front of a window, where he sees Bill and Corbel helping Lovehorn to her feet, and beginning to walk away. They are shown up close stopping at their desired destination. Bill grabs the keys and  unlatch's the locks, they enter inside. Renegade sees them enter from the roof, at that time he is grazed by a gun shot, which catches him in his left arms. Another officer is seen climbing the building side ladder demanding he halt. Renegade walks to the nearest edge grabs it, then swings himself under, positioning himself on a window ciel. The officer drifts closer to the edge looking down, and not find a trace of the hero. Renegade is shown hiding favoring his left arm, as blood is oozing from the wound. The scene drifts back to Corbel and Lovehorn taking their seat in front of the plexiglass. She comments on the supposed shot, she believed to had heard. Corbel instructs Bob to call in the Dortanmier then find out whats going on. At that time the door from behind the plexiglass swings open, one man in white enters first with one arm braced around the Dortanmier in the straight jacket, then another man enters from the dark holding his other arm. Dortanmier is squirming unwillingly, the two men force him into the empty chair. He faces Corbel and Lovehorn, Ms.Lovehorn covers her mouth. Starring at the mans eyes. You see, he's has scares  around his eyes, they appear bloodshot,with red circles
underneath, as if hes possessed,  Dortanmier smirks at her.

Dortanmier: Thanks Chief, I didnt know you cared about my needs as a man! Your such a caring man!

Corbel:I care very much, I  would say spare us the sarcasm, but that's like talking, to the wall!

Dortanmier: I hope you treat your wife or girlfriend  better! Hello gorgeous! How do you like to make love? A little ruff, powerful???? Does that fulfill your security?

    Lovehorn looks at Corbel totally flabbergasted, at the question and the tone of the strange mans voice, she mutters under her breath, “ WoW! I cant believe this guy!” Corbel calls for the men, they grab him, and he continues  to talk.

Dortanmier: Oh come on Corbel! Just having a little fun, besides you brought her! I just like to get to know  lovely woman, as any gentleman does..... But we both know you want something from me!

Ms.Lovehorn: Wait! He's talking to us!

   Corbel motions for them to put him back in his seat, forcibly they push him down in his seat.

Dortanmier:  WOOOO!!!! The little princess get's her way, imagine that? That was a close one! Corbel does your significant other know about this?

Corbel: Dont push me! We are not here to get personal.

   At this time officers are inspecting the mental hospital grounds.... In search of Renegade. Four officers are shown on the roof, One turns as Renegade walking towards them from the other side, bamboostick in hand, shotgun strapped on
his back. A officer yell's out at the hero! Pulling his gun Renegade approaches. A fight ensuths between the Officer and Renegades bamboo stick. As the officer falls Renegade strikes another Officer, dropping him to the pavment on the roof. He then is struck by another officers, police ton, he takes the shot in the hurt ribs. He grabs his side and is hit again. One of the falling officers hits im in his ribs, with his police stick. Renegade loses his bamboo stick, and is only left with his shotgun on back.Dropping The men seem to have the upper hand as scenes shift back to Corbel, Lovehorn, and Dortanmier.

Lovehorn:  Just a few questions....  Please.

Dortanmier:Oh but you want to get personal with me????  What happen somebody blow up a street?

Corbel: We can leave anytime!

Ms.Lovehorn: It's ok really, whats with your eyes?

Dortanmier: Huh? They What with em????  Really Im fine, what about you?

Ms:Lovehorn: Ok enough! Someone knocked off a electronics store, did you have anything to do with this?                                          

Corbel: What are you hiding?       

Dortanmier: Nothing, that we dont all already know!  News Travels fast, you should know that!    

    Corbel and Lovehorn look surprised....            

 Corbel: Ill find out if you do know something! I can promise you that, so rest assured!     

Dortanmier: Oh PLEASE DO! HEH! I already know about the Office Supply store, and now your thinking, did I know, was it my plan, who, what, when, why????

Ms.Lovehorn: Ok so you know.... Obviously that makes you a suspect!                             

Dortanmier: Obviously! But im always a suspect. Nevertheless, Like I said news travels fast!

Ms.Lovehorn: So are you possessed? I mean your eyes are red....

  She instinctively moves closer to the glass catching Dortanmier by surprise. Dortanmier smooches at her, and sticks his tounge out.

Dortanmier: Possessed Ms.Lovehorn im just a Entrapreneur, as opposed to fine win. My tendancy, is to venture towards the finer thing's in life. Like you Love! Havent you heard?

LoveHorn: Hear? What ar.....

     At this time the Governer is leaving his office. He walk's out of his office. When walking out side, he thinks he hears something. But turns around and see's nothing. Walking briscly, into the parking area positioned by the office.  He walk's up to his car then hears foot steps, he turns frightened. Poet, Jaun and Fredrick are shown walking forward.

Poet:Up with your hands and out with your papers!

    Poet pulls out a gun and smakes Derosa across the face with the barrell, as his documents fall to the ground. Jaun bends down inspecting the papers.

Jaun:This is our case.....

Governer:What the Hell?

Poet:You have the right to remain silent! Or DIE! Grab the document's! (Poet reaches into the Governers pocket. pulling out his keys.) Mind if we take your car, we may need some security clerances, and I suggest you do what I wish. Or I'l kill your wife!


     Poet, and the men take the Governer hostage, and all enter the car. Scene's change back to LoveHorn.

LoveHorn:So that's all you have to say???

Dortanmier: Why the eyes are the passage way to the soul! I hope you like what you see! Waiters!!! Im ready to go back to my room now!

Lovehorn: Why the Rush?

Dortanmier: No rush Georgeous!!! Just me..... But if your that worked up.... Maybe Corbel will let you come to my personal room... For a little... One on One Counseling..... What do you think Corbel????

Corbel: Get him out of here...

  The men proceed to grab Dortanmier.... While he's taunting the Chief and the City Counsel Woman.....

Dortanmier: OHHHHH Come on Corbel!!!! Just because your so frustrated and forgot how to have a little fun, doesnt mean we all should go to hell!!!! HeH Yo.. Oh Come on!!! OR Thank You!!!! Merci!!!! Many Thank's My audience stands in attention!!!!

   Dortanmier is running his mouth as the men force him through the door..... As he takes his departure, Corbel and Lovehorn are startled by the door to the room being flung open...... Bob and Donnell are rushing in!!! Corbel and Love horn have a sense of concern on their faces, as they stand. Donnell prosists to intiate the conversation.

Donnell: Sir!!! We caught Renegade his war tacktics were not enough..... Our sniper got a shot in on him, straight in the shoulder!!!! After that he was putty in our hands.....

Corbel:Wow, and another exciting night in the beautiful city of Woodcelo!

Donnell: Well im afraid theres more, and he's not talking..... We think the Governer is missing. His wife called worried, wanting to know where he was, and theres no sign of his car, anywhere.Renegade has said he will only talk to you....

Corbel: He or someone seems to have captured the Governer.... He had to have had help..... I'll see if I can get him to talk... Where is he now?

Donnell: We have him in one of the car's outside.....

Corbel:Ok, GOOD! Ms.Lovehorn we better take our leave....... When we get back you can go ahead and leave for the night. Ill conduct the next interview.

Ms.Lovehorn: Yes Sir! I have to wonder, how did the cities great hope, go from most loved. To crime?

Corbel: Your guess is as good as mine, however, thats what I intend to get to the bottom of.....Donnell I assume we have men down at the Governers office?

    They all are walking and talking, as one by one. They exit the room....Still walking....

Donnell: Of coarse.... Our man concern is how they got inside....We already know they managed to shut off the power. I have men searching that out. Looks as if that was a breaker... But he may have had inside help....We are not sure honestly....

Corbel: Alright, I want lists of names, on every worker over there..... We will just have to inspect everyone....

   Back at the factory, Justin is introducing Scott to his shift manager Ralph.

Justin: Tye how was thatfood?

Tye:Tasty. I'm still hungry....Though, kind of odd.

Justin:Well we will need to get you more food!(Ralph walks up) Tye this is Ralph!
Tye: Quite a tidy fellow arnt you?

Ralph: Excuse me??? I guess.... Yeah man, whatever makes you happy!

Tye: Heh!!! We are going to have so much fun!!!

Justin: Ok, well im going to leave you two... Ralph, I dont want him on that machine, until your a hundred percent sure he's ready!

Ralph: Alright Justin.....

Justin: Good! Ill be seeing you two.... Oh... Tye.... Dont forget, we have to get your physical in before you call it a day!

Tye: Of coarse not!

   Justin walks away as Ralph proceeds to show Tye the lever's  and how everything functions. During the food process.

Ralph: Ok, it's very important that your fast! Basically, the food will be coming very fast on one conveyer. You will Take it off the belt and box it. The Box's are positioned in the front of you, it's on a timer, so the Machine know's when you should be finished packing. You will box the food, then place it on the conveyer to your right. It's very important you be very Maticulous, and fast. You will have five minutes to gather the food, five minutes to pack it. If you should run our stomp the red foot pedal, on the floor, ok?

Tye: Oh yes!

Ralph:Whtever Kid.... Dont screw around, I do not need another Dumbass!

Tye: Oh I want, to much.

Ralph: You mess this up kid, and it's your ass, not mine, got it?

Tye: Heh Whatever.....Yeah ill get it!

Ralph: What? Ok Kid your on your on, ill come back and check on you in a bit. Remember...

Tye: I know the red lever, on the floor! Or is it the other....

Ralph: What?

Tye: hahahah....

Ralph: I can tell your not going to last!

Tye: Or maybe you want.

Ralph: Whatever Kid. Dont screw with me. You DONT want to do that!

    Tye Smiles, as Ralph walks away, Ralph presses a button, and the conveyer begins to turn. Renegade is shown in the back of a police car, still in costume. But stripped of all of his weaponry. Chief Corbel is seen entering the car as he shut's the door. Renegade set's up in surprise. The Driver begin's to pull away, Corbel's attention turns to Renegade, and their discussion begins.

Corbel: Well this has been another interesting night, to say the least.  It differs from from last night, no Robberies, however, we did make it trough the night, without any casualties. Although the Governer is missing.... You wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?

Renegade: That's news to me.... I dont know anything about his sudden disappearance.

Corbel: I wish I could believe that. But with you being spotted last night, Derosa missing, and you being apprehended as we attempt to interview, one of the most insane men alive. Everything points to you!

Renegade: Look ive been here.... I have the mark's to show it!

Corbel: That's another thing... fighting the law???? Sorry but that makes you look even more quilty!

Renegade: I just wanted to make sure no one was going to try and break out Dortanmier.


   Corbel's phone ring's.

Corbel: Yes we are on our way to holding,although, we caught Renegade tonight. Unfortunantaly, the Governer is now missing. This all become one big mess. Well, Dont wait up for me.

  Corbel hang's up the phone.

Renegade: Ok so.... Think about this.....Why would I have anything to do with the cafe or warehouse, then come to the Prison, it just doesnt make sense....

Corbel: Maybe you used them as some type of Marage??? Maybe because you had already moved everything out.... Maybe your going to use the Mayor the same way.....

Renegade: LOOK! I dont know what your talking about! Believe me!

Corbel: I truly wish I could believe that..... But you were spotted, there.....Here..... I just cant take your word this time.... Your holding, until we figure out what to do with you.

Renegade: I cant believe you! It's not me, but this is just the tip of the Ice berg! Thing's will just get wor....

Corbel:Be careful what you say.... Because, remember your in custody and Right now, your only coming across as threatening! Everything you say can and will be used in a court of law.

      Lovehorn is riding in another car with Donnell driving, she's flipping through the police document. Reviewing Dortanmier she's intensly focused, on the file. Donnell speak's to her asking if she's ok...

Lovehorn: Yes, really just mesmerized, and stricken by all of this....What a man, I honestly do not understand how anyone could committ all these crimes, and still be alive.

Donnell: It's our system, we take the crimnal's off the street's. Then Instead of letting Justice be served, we find way's to find better use of their talent.... Quite arbitrary! But it is, what it is.

LoveHorn:Yes..... I cant quite figure him out but well one thing's for sure....

Donnell: What is that Ms.LoveHorn?

LoveHorn: I really need a nice cup of milk, and im ready to call it a night.

Donnell: oh come on! heh It's been a fun couple of days, dont tell me your ready to quit?

LoveHorn: No.. Not in the slightest.... But I am tired. I am ready for bed!

     She look's  out the window, and see's the the moon in the sky.Tye is shown working taking his leave from the factory, as Justin confront's him on his way out.

Justin:So you didnt do to bad on your first day. How did you like it?

Tye: Wasnt too bad, except Ralph needs to get laid!

Justin: Oh dont mind him, listen we have been undergoing a lot of changes. So I need you to get the physical, and because tomarrow night, your going out on the late deliveries. We stock the local coffee houses, and Grocery. I want you on it, but before you attempt to drive. You have to have your physical. Ok?

Tye: Quite alright!

Justin:Ok????? So look heres the address as soon as you awake, go to 629 Amora. Give them this slip, you'll have to sign a release, pee in a cup, and take a eye test. Maybe a flu shot if you havent been vaxcinated.


Justin: Alright see ya Tye.

 Scenes then shift to a sun setting in the early dawn, which rises above some mountian tops. Detective Soto and his team are shown at the Governers office, inspecting thing's. Corbel, then makes his entry.


Corbel: So do we have any knowledge on how they got in?

Soto: No it's all clean.. .

   Corbel think's then drop's his hand to his sides.....

Soto: Are we for certain it's Renegade?

Corbel: I dont know...... Just doesnt make sense.....

    Lovehorn is sitting at her desk going over old case files, of former crimes of criminals in the city. Donnell takes a seat in front of her.

Donnell: So feeling better now that you got some rest???

LoveHorn: No barley slept..... This guy really is disturbing, he looks possesed, according to the records, he drilled holes through a couple of his victims open mouths. That's sick!

Donnell: Very!

  Her phone Rings....She motions for Donnell to hold his thoughts.

LoveHorn: Hello Councilman LoveHorn.

Corbel: Good Morning Ms.Lovehorn, I trust you slept well?

LoveHorn: Not quite..... Me and Donnell were just discussing that. However, despite that, I took the liberty to review old case files.

Corbel: How is that going?

LoveHorn: Ok.... Really Ive just learned how more disturbing our Heckler is..... But nothing which matches up to the break in. The only thing that makes since is the Renegade.....

Corbel: I know...... But this abduction of the Governer..... Has really thrown us a curve.

LoveHorn: Would it be ok if I try to talk to him?

Crobel: Who, are you referring to Ms.LoveHorn?

LoveHorn: Renegade!

Corbel: Of Coarse..... At this Point,  I may even bring Heckler in!

LoveHorn: Your kidding right?

Corbel: Yes! The safest place for him, from us, is his currant home. But we may have to go back for questioning, at some point.....

LoveHorn: I see, Well what do you need me to do?

Corbel: Go talk to Renegade, have them bring him into the interigation room.... By the time your finished, I should be back. Then we will go from there.

LoveHorn: Ok Chief, I will get on it.

Corbel: Tell Donnell, I want a list of every person who was suppossed to be working last night, at the Governers office, Im going to go now. Good Luck!

LoveHorn: Thank's Goodbye Chief!

Donnell: How's everything?

LoveHorn: Im going to question Renegade.

Donnell: I see, well im going with you!

LoveHorn: No! Your going to find out, who was working at the Governers! That's straight from the chief.


LoveHorn: It's Ok Really, Thank You, all the same, but this one doesnt scare me.... I think hes innocent.

Donnell: Your the only one! I would go around telling everyone that if I were you.

LoveHorn: Well... I want but.... Anyway We have to get on this. See you Later Donnell.

   LoveHorn get's up grabbing her clipboard, walking around her desk, and leaving Donnell standing. Shaking his head. Workers are shown working at one of the factories. The break bell sounds, then a message is heard over the intercom, ordering everyone to report to the main court yard.All the Machines come to a stop, and everyone is stopping looking at another, surprised. The next event LoveHorn is shown entering the interrogation room, and she takes a seat gazing closley into Renegades eyes. She then intiates the conversation.

LoveHorn: Ok.... Im Haley.

Renegade: I know.

LoveHorn: Ok another weirdo..... So your protector turned criminal?

Renegade: No.

LoveHorn: Well how do you explain, your evidence left all over the crime scene?

Renegade: It was like that when I arrived!

LoveHorn: People were dead?

Renegade: Well...Yes... I caught the end of the conversation, where the guitarest called in the report, over my radio...

LoveHorn: I'll check into that..... So why the ummmm... Attire???? Because you know when we book you, it's coming of...Then your exposed!

Renegade: For protection. At this point Idenity doesnt really matter.....

LoveHorn: Obviously, if your getting ran over! Well..... If your telling the truth.... Maybe you should invest in thicker clothes...Maybe Rubber.... So you could bounce, kind of like a ball....

Renegade: Heh funny. Maybe! Whats the point of this?

LoveHorn: Trying to find out if your truly innocent. Doesnt make since why you would have the Governer.

Renegade: That's because I dont.

LoveHorn:So what do you know about Dortanmier..

Renegade: Hes extremely dangerous..... Dont trust him, he'll kill you! You guy's better leave him where he lays. That is one tough Son Of a Bitch! He almost killed me.

LoveHorn: Do you think he's behind these attacks?

Renegade:Im not sure......

    At that time they are inturrpted by Donnell who barges in.....Startling them both.

LoveHorn: What's wrong????

Donnell: You have a phone call!

LoveHorn: Is the Chief, because he kno.......

Donnell: No mam, but they refuse to talk to anyone except you. We cant trace it..... Various addresses are making the computers go hey wire!

LoveHorn: I see, Hey nice chatting with you. Im sure we'll be chatting again.

Renegade: I understand, and likewise Ms.Lovehorn!

LoveHorn: Where??

Donnell He's on the Chief's line.... Corbel is on his way. I printed the time clock information, and I have detectives reviewing, calling and checking up on everyone who was suppoosed to be there.

Lovehorn: Ok good......Thank's Donnell!

       The worker's are shown gathered out side one of the factories in, security officers positioned on some of the high places of the building with guns, standing talking among themselves. Justin wallk's out onto what appears to be a stage. Everyone looks alittle surprised. One man yell's out.

"Hey Lance, you singing?"

   Justin Mcdoogle grab's the microphone, and proceeds to talk.

Justin: Dont get your hopes up! Ok so it seems you all are wondering why your out here, and production has stopped? well no worries, each shift will be enduring this. As your aware, we have new ownership, which means a new set of rules, but dont worry nothing major. Although, it has been ordered for everyone to report to the nurse, you will be gave a certain time. Apparently, for health procaution's, each worker will under go vaxination. But if you choose not to you'll be getting your pink slip instead.

  That creates a stir in the crowd. Mubbling......

Justin:Gentlemen! I know, look..... that's why we have the stage, I will be the first. So you know, everyone is getting treated the same. In a few minutes I will be greeted by a nurse. Then you all are free to go on break, decide what you want. Im sorry this is law's. Apparently we are also undergoing a cafateria change.  Oh here's one of our new nurses now, Ms.Everly. I will do this.... Woodcelo Foods employees, it's your choice!

    Justin walk's over to a table and takes a seat. Ms.Everly opens a brief case, and begins to prep a needle, instructing Justin to remove his coat, and roll up his sleeve. He does, the men stand in awe, she prep's the needle, he rolls up his sleeve, and he lloks straight into the big crowd. She then sticks him, moves away, and covers the wound with a bandade. He rolls his sleeve back down, and grabs the mic he set on the table.

Justin:Now I hope that eases your mind, if not ill be in my office, and have your pink slip ready, so come and see me, and we will work out all the minor technicalities.

    Lovehorn is shown in the chief's office, picking up the phone.



LoveHorn: Comment Tele Vous????? Who is this????

Voice:Is the question a who or a what, who is this?

LoveHorn:So you speak English, This is the new Councilwoman....

      At that time Corbel enters.... She looks at him, and proceeds to talk.....

LoveHorn: I answer your question, answer mine! Who is this? What do you want?

Voice: World peace! Imma Dealer!

LoveHorn:Drugs???? Do you want me to transfer you to the proper department?

Voice:Oh this is the proper one..... Your a very pretty lady! Tell me wheres your King?

    She looks at Corbel who is quitely moving around......

LoveHorn:Are you referring to the Governer????

Voice: Im referring to the King! Your a pawn my dear... Would you like to hear him?

LoveHorn: Sure....

   She motion's for Corbel, who rushes over, as they share the phone.

Voice:Listen! You two!

   They look surprised, and they here yelling in the back ground.....

Voice:Dont worry.... We are just pulling his finger...Well literally....

    The Voice hangs up.....

Corbel: Wer.....

LoveHorn: No Sir!, no trace, just various addresses....

Corbel: Did ......

LoveHorn:No nothing that we already do not know.... I think hes innocent.

   Donnel enter's......

Corbel:Ok well Corbel, get someone on it.....Donnell go down to flower shop make sure we didnt overlook anything.

LoveHorn: What about the Phone Call???

Corbel: We are going back to have a Chat with Satan himself! We have to.....Just stuff he said.... Is that ok with you?

LoveHorn: Do I have a choice.....  Let's go!

    Corbel and LoveHorn flee the office...... A cab pulls up on a street corner, and a man pays the driver, then steps out with a file in hand, it's Tye, who has arrived at 629 Arrowa for his physical. The Airport is then shown again, the camera moves inside one the hangers, where cargos being taken off of a plane, and set in one of the transport vehicles. The camera follows one of the other Vehicles which has already left, as it moves towards one of the hangers. Men are shown organizing the cargo, and searching inside. Two men are inspecting. One man speak's.

Man: You make this clear! Have them take it to the designated place. If anything counted is not there, I want names on whos, working, and they will contend with me. Go that?

    The other man nodes his head. Bob is shown, at Woodcelos Prison showing around a new employee named Terrance(Chris Bakers who replaced the picture on the badge.)Bob is inturupted by another worker named Ted.

Ted:Sir.... Chief Corbel just called, he said it's urgant, and they need to speak with Dortanmier....

Bob:Ok, well... Did you tell him we need time???

Ted:Yes! He siad it didnt matter....He will be arriving in a matter of time!

Bob:Oh God!  Terrance.Your coming with me..... We have a special ummm....Patient to attend to, your big enough... With my experience, our size, shouldnt be a problem. Hey, Todd wait for Corbel, bring him to the meeting room, and Heckler will be waiting.

     Tye is shown in a taxi. With his papers in hand, he takes a seat. Then looks at the forms his been gave, while he thinks. He look's at some lady yelling at her son, then see's a lonely man sitting all to himself, in hurt. As he takes it all in he smirks. Bob and the new guy are walking the hall's, at Woodcelos Prison, as they approach Dortanmier's cell. Bob stops unlocking the cell door, they enter,  Dortanmier is sitting with his back turned, stairing out the prison window. They walk over and raise the man to his feet, and they escort him out the door. Bob stop's and locks it behind them. The men walk up the hall, Bob instructs Terrance  & Dortanmier to turn a corner which will lead them to a door. Which will put Dortanmier directly behind the plexi glass. As the men are about to turn, Terrance pulls a small hand gun from his pocket, and agressivaly pokes it into Bobs ribs. Ordering they walk in to the room through the front. Out of Panic Bob listens, and all three men proceed through the front door. Bob shakingly turns the locks, and they enter. Terrance orders Bob to buzz Todd, and see if Corbel has arrived. He does, Todd tell's them, a car seems to be pulling up outside. Terrance pulls some rope out of his pocket, walks over to Bob, then walks him over to a empty chair. He forces Bob to take a seat, and ties his hands behind the chair. He places the gun in his pocket, walks over to Dortanmier and proceeds to un un cuff Dortainmier. When finished, Dortanmier throws the cuffs down on the floor, and wearing nothing but his gown, and hospital shoes. Dortanmier turns and gives Terrance a hug, then reaches into Terrances pocket really quick, Terrance shakes to the side, Dortanmier pulls out the gun. Cocks it, smirks the shoots Terrance directly in the chest. LoveHorn and Corbel are shown being buzzed in to the Mental Hospital hall. Terrance dies instantly and falls to the ground, Bob looks very worried, Hes turned in a crooked position in his chair. Terrance turns cocks the gun again, and points it directly at Bob. LoveHorn and Corbel are shown walking down the Hall with Todd. Dortanmier bends down picking up cuffs then grabs the chair and Drags Bob and the Chair to where they are positioned directly to the left of the door, out of seeing eye view. Ted, LoveHorn, and Corbel stop walking, and Ted unlocks the door. Corbel and Love horn enter, and Ted shuts the door. Dortanmier then speaks up from the corner.

Dortanmier:Why Ms. what was your name?? I didnt catch it??? Oh well you both look ever lovely today, and you smell lovely too, Isnt that right Bob??


Dortanmier:Oh happy to see me????? Well thank you! The feeling is mutual!

      Corbel and Lovehorn notice the dead body laying in the floor.... Haley covers her mouth.

Dortanmier: He didnt like my hug.....

Corbel: How did you do all this????

Dortanmier: Now it's a secret, and cannot tell a secret..... Now im not sure who I want to kill today.... Corbel, gun please!

  Dortanmier pokes the gun into Bobs back, Corbel tosses the gun over....

Dortanmier: Thank you! Thank them Booby! Noo...... Ok then have it you way.

   Dortanmier pulls the trigger shooting Bob directly in the back. Lovehorn covers her mouth in terror, Corbel goes for his gun. As he bends down, Dortainmier kicks him in the face.Corbel falls back to the ground, Dortanmier picks up the Gun, Lovehorn tries to run, but Dortanmier, points the gun at her and demands she stop! She stops, Dortanmier, takes the cuffs of dead Bobs wrists, he throws it to her, as he scoots the chair over to the plexi glass. He demands they both walk over. Dortanmier demands Corbel sit. Then he orders LoveHorn to tie his wrists. While doing so he walks over to Sams, dead body and begins to underss the dead man, he looks up the speaks.

Dortanmier: Cuffed???

LoveHorn: Well...yeah!

   Dortanmier stands up walk's over to them, jabs the gun in her side, and demands she show him. So she tighten them as he pokes her, Corbel is bloodied. Dortanmier walks over to the half naked man and puts on his clothes. He then proceeds to demand LoveHorn take the keys out of Corbels pocket. She does. He then hits the buzzer and asks Ted, kindly to come let them out. Ted grabs the keys then takes his walk. Dortanmier forcfully grabs LoveHorn, then whispers in her ear......While smelling her....

Dortanmier: Oh you smell so good! I knew we had something, I know you feel it too..... It just takes time to unleash the beast within......

  LoveHorn is shaking........

LoveHorn: Your a sick, sick man.....

Dortanmier: Not sick sweety....... I just love to horn in on a good time! Trust me you'll see what I mean, because im going to show you the best ti.....

Corbel: Dortanmier!!! This time only one of us will walk out alive! That's a promise!

   Dortanmier turns cocks the gun and points it at him. Todd is shown walking the hall.....

Dortanmier: You know if I had time to make that wish come true tight now I would! But we are about to run out of time. Ms.Lovehorn, if you would please step aside.

   Dortanmier demands she rib off a piece of cloth from Bob clothing. She does, he then demands she tie it around Corbels mouth, while doing so, he hears, Ted outside the door. LoveHorn is tieing the piece of clothing around Corbels mouth, Ted open up the Door and seeing LoveHorn, Corbel in his sites. He enters then is suddingly grabbed by Dortanmier, who throws him to the side, as he takes the keys. Dortanmier demands Lovehorn come to his side.

Dortanmier: Ok my Love! We three are going to take a little walk! So Mr.Todd if you will be so kind as to lead the way!!!

Ted: You killed them.....

Dortanmier: Well...Yeah...But I think ill save the best for last...... Now unless you want to join them, then lets begin to walk.

   Todd exits first, Dortanmier with LoveHorn to his back, Dortanmier is nudging him in the back with the loaded weapon. They take their walk down the hall. Ted sweating in panic. Dortainmier holding LoveHorn tight from behind. As they reach the main door Dortanmier demands Ted Open it, he does and the three of them proceed into the lobby. People are shown walking into the hospital. Dortanmier demands they stop. The three of them continue they're walk outside to the open lot. Dortanmier spots the obvious unmarked police car. They walk over to it, and Dortanmier begins to attempt unlocking the back door of the vehicle, while holding the pistol in Teds back, as the doors unlock Dortanmier demands LoveHorn get in the back, and Ted ride in the front with him. She takes her seat, Dortanmier shuts the door then walks Ted around, Ted get's in, then Dortanmier walks round opening his door. When taking his seat, LoveHorn is seperated from the two by the police window. Dortanmier start's the car then, they drive off. The camera follows the car, when it arrives at the gate Dortanmier presses the intercom, and has Ted demand the gate be opened. The gate opens and they drive off. People are shown at the Center, some leaving with they're pink slips, some working. Tye is shown walking up one of the halls with a smirk, as he walks he see's Justing up in front of him, and they begin to talk.

Justin: So do you have your paper?

Tye: Of coarse, what a perposterous question!

  Tye hands him the paper.

Justin:Great! Follow me...... I want to show you to the dock....

   Tye and Mcdoogle are shown walking off together..... Truck are scene pulling off from the outside, as scenes change. Men are loading and un loading differant supplies. Justin voice is heard talking while these events accure.

Justin:This is Dock, That's B, the next is B, ect, I think you get the point... Im going to start you on C. Do yuo see those fork lifts?


Justin: They will be loading your truck, as soon as they finish. You will tag everything, then meet your dipatcher, he will give you, your route. Each truck is intelized with it's on GPS routing system. So you shouldnt have a problem reaching your destination. Any questions?

Tye: What about my keys, and what do I do in the mean time?

    They both are stoped in front of the dock door. Justin reaches for the door.

Justin:Normally you will do these(loosens the latch, and raises the door) Make sure everything is ready, your truck is half way finished (He takes the lock off of the truck door, and raises it) Everyone should be arriving timely back from lunch. Terry will be your forklift opporater. So see that desk over there(He points, Tye shkes his head) Ok your tags are in there. As soon as the first load is brought. Tag it, then the next, so we have a bin number. Everything has been prescanned, when your done, make sure the truck door is locked. Contact your dispatcher. I think it's going to be Steve, tell him you are leaving. Then just be on time and be safe.

Tye: Fair Keys?

Justin:Oh, here Tye!

    Justin walk's away.... Tye looks around, and walk's inside the Truck. A couple of men are shown walking the halls of the mental hospital. One Notices a door cracked open.

Man:Hey isnt that the room, we have been having the Dortanmier questioning in?

Man2: Yeah it is..... I wonder why Todd left the door like that?

Man:I dont know ill, shut it!

   The man walks over hesitats.

Man2: What are you doing?

Man: I thought I heard someone mubble, I want to look inside.

    He opens it and to his surprise, he sees Corbel gaged, the other man enters, they look around, and see the dead bodies. The first man runs over to untie Corbel. The other heads for the intercom. Renegade is shown sitting in his cell. Donnell walk's by, talking to him.

Donnell: Theres a lot of screwy stuff going on.... I havent heard from anyone! What do you know?

Renegade: I know people are dying, and you better let me go!

Donnell:Is that a threat, sicko?

Renegade:No it's a realistic statment!

   Renegade stands as Donnell get's closer. Then they are interupted by Soto.

Soto:Hey just got a call from the Mental Hospital, they found Corbel!

Donnell: Ok.... That's where he said he would be.....

Soto: Yeah I know, but not bloodied..... That's not all, Bob is dead, and a new guy......

Donnell: Oh Lord dont tell me!

Soto:Lucifer is out.... He has LoveHorn, and Todd..... He is another employee there.......

Renegade: Are you sure your not ready for my help yet? Innocent until proven guilty, you know.....

Donnell: NO! Soto ill go get some guy.....

Soto: I have men on there way....

Donnell: Did you talk to Corbel?

Soto: No....He's on his way to the Hospital....... apparently, Heckler, stole the car too.

Donnell:I see....Stay here with Renegade! Im going down to the Mental Hospital!

   Donnell is shown making his exit, through the nearest door. Soto has his back to the holding cell, Renegade reaches through the cell bars, pulling Soto toward him, and grabbing his gun. It happenes so quick, Soto is left helpless. Renegade, jab's the gun in his backside demanding the key's. Soto reaches into his pocket, and then is instructed by Renegade to unlock the cell door. He proceeds to unlatch the door, he opens it, then is grabbed by Renegade. Who puts him in a headlock , in which he uses to make Soto pass out. A car then is shown driving down a dark road, then suddenly pull's over to the side.   It's the stolen unmarked police vehicle from the Mental Hospital.Dortanmier is shown with his gun in hand, and he look's Todds way and begins to talk.

Dortanmier:Ok, we are going to play a little game... called duck duck goose!


Dortanmier: Yeah so heres what I want you to do.....First, open your door, like..... RIGHT NOW!

   Todd opens it.

Dortanmier:Very good! Now im going to get out!(Dortanmier get's out, LoveHorn watches, Dortanmier looks down inside the car, fires a shot in the air) Duck! (Points the gun inside at the sitting Todd) Duck!( Todd get's out takes off running into the woods, Dortanmier shoots him in the back!)GOOSE!!!!!!!( LoveHorn screams!)  Oh such a fun little game, you know I thought of more while in the hospital..... Oh dont look so frightened dear!( Dortanmier opens up the back door, climbs inside, LoveHorn tries to escape out the other door. He grabs her, shakes her, she stops fighting.) VERY good! Now told you we just needed some alone time! Well he have it!(He looks into her eyes, as if about to kis her.) Dont fight it..Trust me.... Will only make things worse!

   Corbel is shown being attended to at a hospital, he is holding a ice bag over his bandaged head. Donnell walk's in.

Donnell: Wow!

Corbel:It was awful! He killed two men right in front of me, like it was mere target practice, I thought he was going to get me. But he didnt, said he would save the best for last.

Donnell: Well Renegade is out..... We found Soto locked in his cell. It was crazy.... I was in a hurry to come here, I left Soto standing in the same room with Renegade. He must had grabbed him. Soto was standing to close. I honestly didnt think about it in all the turmoil.

Corbel:Well that may not be a bad thing... With the phone call I recieved while he was in custody, along with witnessing two murders. He looks as innocent as ever.


   Corbel gives the docter a ice bag.

Corbel:Let's go Donnell..... I want to fi...

Donnell: Im on it Sir.... I have men looking for her, as we speak. By the way there were traces of tire marks at the electronics store. Just like Renegade said. Sir I know you dont want to hear this... But im taking you home..... We cant do anything more until tomarrow, and besides, with rest. You'll be able to cope better.

   Donnell helps Corbel to his feet. Tye Is Shown tagging the last palate. He then walks out of the truck trailer. Shut's the door. Then walk's over to his clip board...... The Camera follows him out the door. He open the Truck door, get's inside, shuts the door, and starts the engine. He then grabs his Cb, and communicats with his dispatcher. At this time a car is shown pulling up behind a old bookstore. The Car stops, Dortanmier get's out, walks around the car, and helps LoveHorn out, who is red faced and teary eyed, but smirking some what. With traces of his make up on her face. They both walk up to the back door. Dortanmier knocks three times. A man comes to the door, answers and let's them in, they follow him and enter the main room, where a bunch of men are all sitting. The man with the suit from the Office supply store greets them.

Poet: Where is Sam?

Dortanmier: He got detained, unfortunantley!

Poet:How did you find us?

Dortanmier:That's easy I got the address on a peice of paper, which I found on Sams, dead bodie.

Poet:I see....Dreamers have Dreams, as a dreamer will do, a dreamed a dream, I saw her next to you!

Dortanmier Takes out his gun, and pulls back the hammer.

Poet:OHHHH OWW!!!! HeH! Would you really shoot me, with all my protectors?

   One of his men walk over, Heckler shoots him in the stomach, he falls to the graound! Poet's eyes widen, as Dortanmier
pulls the hammer back again and points it at Poet.

Dortanmier:Does that answer your question....Look it's me and her, but you cross me man, and it will only be me and her! Your man want die, although hes going to have a nasty scare, better get him medical help soon... Before the wound festers...

  Poets men get up.....He calls them off.....

Poet:Stop! Are you with me?

Dortanmier: For now I am! Dont mess with me!

Poet: Ok....So....

Dortanmier:So do you have anything to drink...Wine??? Vodka????? Rum??? Hehe what do you like gorgeous???

Poet:Yeah over there... Help yourself....

Dortanmier:I was going to!

  Dortanmier staggers over, as a couple of men tend to the wounded villian on the floor, LoveHorn standing in shock....

Poet:We have the Governer.....Next I was going to make a phone call...

   Dortanmier throws a couple of bottles to the side.  As he mixes a couple of drinks......

Dortanmier: Corbel????


   Dortanmier looks at his wrist....

Lucifer: No...Wait.... Hes not there yet....We'll call in a hour...Hows the shippments?

Dortanmier walks over to LoveHorn handing her a drink.... She tries not to take it...He makes her, then tells her to drink.

Poet: Fine, they arnt on to us....I have some guys taking another store tonight. With things being shaken up. it's the perfect time.


   This time Tye is shown leaving his delivery, then officers are shown working late, at the office, talking. One of them is Soto.

Soto:Briggs, I cant believe that happened, I was putty in his hands.....

Briggs:Yeah.... Do you want some more food....


    Corbel is shown getting out of the police car. He waves at Donnell, he staggers up his stairs. Reaching into his pocket for his key's he opens the door, and walk's inside. When doing so, he shut's it then his phone ring's. Corbel answers...

Voice: Magical mieschief, by the midnight! Is it a wrong, to be behind?

Corbel:Excuse me?

   Corbel's girlfriend is shown, standing in the doorway of their bedroom. with a concerned look about her.

Voice: Goodbye!

Corbel: Wait....Hello....HELLO?????

    His girlfriend walk's over and raps her arms around him. Her name is Donna.

Donna:Hey...Ive been worried sick! What happened to your head, who was that, are you ok??

Corbel: Get a grip! Yes im fine... Dortanmier is out... Whoever that was didnt say... Hold on Donna, I need a pen and pad...

  Corbel walk's into the other room searching for a pen and pad and begins to write down what the man said.
I night worker at a local Museum is working the late shift, when he hears a knock at the front door. He get's up, walks to the front. The Poet is standing in front with Dortanmier, LoveHorn, and some men. The man smiles, then opens the door to let them in. Poet utters something at the man.

Poet:Take off your hoster, and throw it on the floor.

   The officer smiles, and does so willingly. Lucifer laughs.

Poet:See, yes some blood shed will have to be. But look at this mans desk, looks as if there may not be as many unnessassery blood shed as we thought.

    The camera shows a desk covered in food. Corbel is sitting down on the side of his bed, reading and pondering the thought the voice uttered. Donna is sitting beside him, they are both looking down, when startled by a knock on their bedroom door. They look up and Renegade is standing right in fron of them. Corbel is surprissed. Renegade speaks....

Renegade:So do you still refuse to believe, this isnt me?

Corbel:No we found the tire tracks.... However, I just recieved a interesting phone call, what do you make of this?

   Corbel hands Renegade the note. Renegade then begins to read, and comprehand the statement.

Renegade:Magical?? Mischief by the midnight. Is it wrong to be behind???

   While reading several men are shown carrying out artifacts from the mueseum, and carefully placing them into the back of a trailer.....

Renegade:Well, Obviously this means.... Something is going to happen.... But he said behind....

Corbel:Yeah I know...... So much for sleep....

Renegade:Check out this activity, I found on one of the cameras at the the Airport.

     Renegade hands him a envelope. Corbel, and pulls out some pictures.

Corbel: These were took yesterday. So whats the big deal?

Renegade: Well it's excess cargo....I check some of the inventory records. These shippments never made it into the computer.


Renegade: Yeah no Record what so ever..... I went to check the records. The only thing I found were these images....

Corbel:Ok, I'll c.....


    Grabs his head and falls back a little. Then his phone rings.....


Donnell: Chief you have to get down to the this is weird......

Corbel:Wha's going on?

Donnell: Apparentally several of the guy's are on drug's now.......Brigg's and Soto have been staring at the Tv for hours.... Funny thing is, the phone has been ringing off the hook, with emergancies. It's been happeneing all over the city.....People, real people, turned into mush. Opperating machines, working thier jobs, yes sir, this isnt good.

Corbel: I see, I'm on my way, did you call the hospital?

Donnell:Yes and a ambulance is on it's way. Im just trying to get a head count of how many boys, we have on the field. So I can get medical attention to them.

Corbel:How is that going?

Donnell:It's Not! Havent, got some phone calls returned, and I have no idea where some cars are on the field.

Corbel:Find what names you can. I'm on my way......

   They hang up, he looks up at Renegade. One of the food truck's is being shown leaving the Police station parking lot. As Renegade begin's to talk.

Renegade:What's going on?

Corbel: Apparentaly, we have lost a lot of men.

Renegade: Dead?

Corbel: No just dumb founded. Donnell says they are turned into complete mush, it's all over the city. But heres the thing. We cant find them.....


Corbel:Very, im going back down to the office!

Renegade: Ok! I'll go to the hanger........See if there's anyone left.....

     Corbel look's down at the photo.....Then as he speak's, looks up Renegade is gone.

Corbel:Ok, i'll be sending men down.....Wow! Ok, I cant worry about him.... Donna, I have to go.....

Donna: No! Wait......You need your rest....

Corbel: Yeah but if I dont the whole city may be rest for good..... I have to find out what's going on....

     At that time ambulance is shown outside the police station, with two men being trolled outside on strechers, and placed in the back of the ambulance. Donnell is talking to the Ambulance peramedics. Scenes then shift to, Tye getting out of the work tuck back at Woodcelos factory. Justin is waiting for him, as Tye walk's up to the loading dock.

Justin: Not a bad route......

Tye: No, no complaints.

Justin:Well come inside, let's get your hours logged in, and you can call it a day.....Then go get some rest, I mean you know.... It's almost eight O clock....

Tye: Yeah....I forget time, it's such a waste....

Justin:Ha! I agree.....But that is changing, here, come in side....

    Justin stops as they walk through the door, when inturaupted by the dock manager.


Man: Hey, one of the shippment's didnt go to the air port.....


Man: It's one of the big ones....

Justin:Ah.....Tye, would you be so kind to assist me on this????

Tye:Why not?

Justin Great.....has the trailer been loaded?

Man:Yes, it's all ready, just needs to be took.....

Justin:Ok(Sigh) Common Tye......

     Justin is seen walking over to one of the desk grabbing the paper wor. The Man walk's off. Then he and Tye are shown walking out of the door together. Lucifer is shown sitting in a room, at the book store across from LoveHorn, who appears dist route.

Dortanmier:You have the lovleiest eyes.

LoveHorn: Your sick.....

Dortanmier:Yeah.....Are you hungry? How about some food?  

LoveHorn: No I feel sick.....

  Dortanmier pull's out his gun pull's back the Hammer and shoot's the wall....Then point's it at her.

Dortanmier: How about some food?

LoveHorn: I dont think you'll do it....

   They are interupted by Poet, who walk's into the room......

Poet:We've got everything almost ready at the airport....The Police are attianed at the moment.. So how are you two love birds?

Dortanmier:Fine, just trying to get her to eat.....

Poet:Ah, vegitarian???

LoveHorn:For now....I see.... Well, we have something for that!

    Scenes change to the men finishing their loading of good's onto one of the planes, a Wood's food truck is shown pulling into the Air Port gate. Renegade is purched on the terminals roof top, with goggles watching everything..... He notices Tye and Justin exiting thier work truck, Tye is shown walk exiting the truck, and opening the trailer door. Renegade then look's back at the men walking into the hanger. Scenes then change to Corbel arriving at the Police station. He's shown meeting with Donnell.


   He's looking around.....At the Zombified Police men, who are being attended to Medically.

Donnell: Yes....No tests have came back.... I dont know what to think....

  Corbel is shown looking around......He notices the empty food containers by one of the officers being examined.....Donnell begins to talk.....

Donnell: I'm going to get some Coffee.....Would you like any?

Corbel:No dont! I want all of the men out on the field dispatched! Tell them not to eat or drink a thing!

Donnell: Ok.....

Corbel:Same for you!(Corbel yelling at everyone) NO ONE EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING! THATS A ORDER! If you dis obey.......You can call it a day!

    Dortanmier is shown, giving talking to LoveHorn.

Dortanmier: You know..... I Love you lovely!


Dortanmier:Yeah so this really hurt's me, the same as it will hurt you.....But just for a moment! Scout's honor!

    Dortanmier grab's her aprehensivaly. Pull's out a needle and inject's it into her shoulder. Poet is shaking his head.....

Dortanmier:That's tough love! I love you SOOOO MUCH!

   Lovehorn grabs her arm then......Lay's her head down...

Dortanmier: Well you would'nt eat..... So I had to do something.... She worry's me so Poet...

Poet:The Love that's toughest, is the Love that stands.

    The Two men are shown inside the Hanger, they turn around, and are met by Renegade. Then a brawl begins, Between the men. Renegade is shown winning the fight. As Renegade gains the upper hand he truns nooticing the Air plan leaving.....He turns to one of the men on the ground....

Renegade:Where is your shipment order????

    The man spit's in his face, Renegade punches him in the stomach.

Renegade: I'll make you talk!

    Tye and Just are shown closing the trailer door, they walk around and enter the truck. They begin to leave, Renegade look's up and see the truck pulling out.... He then grab's the man on the ground. Scenes change, Corbel is shown talking to Donnell......

Donnell: Chief this isnt good.....

Corbel: I know, im going out back for a smoke.....

   Corbel begins to walk, and his phone rings...... It's Renegade.

Renegade: I have one of his men, I aquired shipping information. Apparentaly......These shippment's have been going in and out, from the USA to Europe, and Asia!

Corbel: What???

Renegade: Yeah it's weird! But heres what's really interesting...... It's big cargo! I tried looking on one of the planes.... But I was too late, to check anything.....However..... there another scheduled..... Ive got the two men apprehended. They are tied together inside hanger 7.

Corbel:Got it....

Renegade: Yeah the next shippment is set to go out mid afternoon..... I found the crate's took a look inside. I suggest you come down here, and get on this. Send men..... We can get these guys!

   Corbel shakes his head....

Corbel: Hanger 7 ok, theres something else apparantley someone has got into our food supply.... It's bad....


Corbel:Yeah im' limited on men.... actually....... So I dont know if I can help you....

    Corbel is shown talking out back.... Dortanmier walk's up behind him pokes a gun into his back, and Dortainmier
whispers in Corbels ear....

Dortanmier: Well.... I just cant get enough of you!  Tell your boyfriend you have to go!

Corbel: I have to go....

Renegade: ok????

    The phone is hung up, Renegade is left speechless.......Listening to the dead phone.... He muffles some words to himself....

Renegade:Woods Food...WOODS FOOD!

    Renegade climbs to his feet. The scenes shift back to the Police department. Dortanmier is walking back inside with Corbel hostaged... Some of the men are startled, that have not been poisined, and reach for they're guns. Dortanmier stop's them.

Dortanmier: I wouldnt do that!

Donnell: Why????

Dortanmier:Because your already outnumbered!

     Some men then enter one by one with gun's pointing them at the officers. LoveHorn enter's make up smeared, runny. She has a gun and points it directly, at Donnell.

Donnell: What Hell, LOVEHORN?

LoveHorn: If you cant beat em join them!

   She pulls back the trigger and shoot's Donnell in the arm. He Fall's Corbel hollars out "NO!"

Poet: It didnt have to be like this you know??? Anyway..... Officers. gun's please. I want them in a pile in the middle of the floor. Disobey and join your friends!

   Renegade is shown hoping a fence, and ducking past securtiy as he enters Wood's Food Factory. He avoids security and peaks inside the window's watching the inside progress. What he see's is men at work. He duck's down as one of the doors open. Two men walk outside. As they walk away Renegade grabs the swinging door. Then walk's inside out of site from the workers. As he works his way through the factory he notices several people leaving the nurse office. He waits for the men to be totally out of site. He looks around the door facing and sees the nurse with her back turned all alone. He walk's inside, closing the door behind him. She turn's around and is met by Renegade. She moves fastly as if shes going for a button. But he restrains her, and forces her into a chair. He then begin's to talk to her.

Renegade: Whats in the needles?

Nurse:It's for saftey precautions, I dont know, I'm just pad to inject!

Renegade: Who's paying you?

Nurse:Why the Owner of Woods of coarse....That's all I know!

    Renegade picks up one of the needles as she stand up to run, he then injects her with it. She stumbles back falling into the chair. renegade begins to speak to the nurse who clutching her arm in pain.

Nurse: You ASSHOLE! That hurt..... They are going to find out you were here...cause....cause...

   Renegade notices her becoming faint. She slures her words.

Renegade:Look's like theres more in this little needle than just to fit medical precautions. How do you feel?



Nurse: Yes...Very! Im' going to go find something to eat...

Renegade:But you were just in pain.....

Nurse:I was.... By the way, what's with the outfit? New Scrubs?

    Renegade look's stuned he turns and fastly run's out of the room! He ducks behind some boxes and see Tye and Justin walking into Justins office. Dortanmier Poet and LoveHorn are shown with men escorting Corbel, and other officer's into the holding cell, at the police department. One by one they enter......

Dortanmier:What  a scenic veiw!

Corbel:So your just going to leave Donnel bleeding to death Haley....

LoveHorn: Who?

Corbel: Where is the Governer....Or did you murder him too?

Poet:Where to Why To You To Is To Now.....?? It's a Surprise Chiefy! Let me put it like this, he's running deeply.

    Corbel shakes his head. Renegade is spying on Justin, and Tye. Tye is shown leaveing Justin headed for his work station. Justin goes back into his office. Renegade then get's up and proceeds quitley after Tye. Tye is shown mending his work area. Renegade ducks behind some boxes. What he sees is a processing machine. Tye seems to be packaging food and placing it onto the rack to his right. Renegade hears a noise, and it's his phone. He then answers the incoming call, it's Gregory. Tye look's up, and around. Renegade answers.


Gregory: Hey man.... You have to get out of there.....We have a problem....

Renegade:Yeah it's comiong from here.....

Gregory:Maybe...But this is bigger....... It' seems every cop has been attainted there are some on the street.... But not only is the governer missing... But this isnt Good!

Renegade:What? Cop's aprehended??? What are you talking about???

Gregory:Exactly! You need to get here fast!


    As Renegade is talking he turns and is met by a pip to the side of his head it's Tye! Renegade fall's back, Tye hit s him again then takes off running through the food factory.

Renegade:STOP KID! STOP! You have no idea what you are doing!

Tye:(Yelling, looking back) GET AWAY FROM ME!

   A chase ensues.......Tye makes it inside Justin's office, he ducks behind the desk. Opens one of the droors, and finds a little 38 pistol. He reaches for it and checks the chamber. It appears to be loaded. He heres the door creek open, look's at the feet. He thinks it's Renegade, then notices the shoes are differant, he put the gun in his pocket then rises to his feet. It's Justin.

Justin:Hey what the hell are you doing man?

Tye:We have a visitor.....It's the Renegade.

Justin:I see....

Tye:Yeah he chased me, I ducked in here and thought you were him.

Justin:Alright, I'll alert security.

     Justin pick's up the phone and makes a call... Tye begins to step out... Justin covers the mouth piece on the phone.

Justin:Tye dont leave without me!

Tye:Im ok....It's ok I swear.....Time for me to get off anyway!

     Justin, call's security, he talk's a few minutes then hangs up. He walk's towards Tye and they make thier way down the aisle. They head towards, the exit. Then theywalk's out into the night.  Tye see's something in the ally way moving in the shadow's he runs towards it. As he get's closer Justin is yelling at him, chasing behind. Tye stop's look's around nothing is there, Justin walk's up standing by his side. Looking around Justin turn's, and Renegade meet's his face with a fist. Justin trys to fight, and Renegade knock's him out cold. Tye takes off running down the ally way. He sees a ladder hanging down, and climb's it, Renegade is chasing. Tye begins running up stairs, Renegade in hot persuit, yelling at the kid, stop. Tye makes it to the roof top and runs across the catwalk to the other building. Renegade still chasing. Tye comes to a door that will not open, which leads back in side. Renegade walk's up from behind. Tye put's his hand in his pocket.

Renegade:Why are you doing this? Everyone know's they tried to set you up...You have no reason to be running....

Tye:Wee.... Wee...

Renegade:Excuse me?

Tye: Je ne sais pas???

   Tye pull's out the thirty eight.

Renegade:No! NO! KID DONT!

   Renegade lunges at him, and Tye shoots him in the side. Renegade stumbles back words, kneeling on the ground. Tye circles him, and takes off running, back across the Catwalk. Renegade get's up staggering in chase. Tye runs back down the stairs to the Ally way, Renegade follows, Security is alerted. Renegade sees them moving on the ground. He stops climbs to the very top of the building in front of the Woodcelos factory sign. He then jumps off, his body is shown ripping through the air, falling onto one of the deliver trucks parked in front. He slides off the truck limping and running, he manages to make it through the gate, as security run's out shooting, Renegade walk's towards the street, he sees his car, hidden in trees. He hurries, being chased, jumps in and as he drives off, gun shot's are being fired at the car. Some vehicles are shown leaving the Factory, and a chase begin's Renegade being wounded heavily, is bleeding from the side, and the shoulder has a bullet stuck inside from the skuffle at the Prison. He turns on the car,with the lights turned off, he manages to escape unseen. But one car spot's him. The passenger shoots a the window at the sleek, granite colored skyline shot's rickshey off the car. Men look around at the factory see something, in the distance. Shot's still being fired.The car get's closer as Renegade turns into some run down apartments ally way. Then back out onto the main road, where they head over a bridge. The car gains closer and closer, hitting Renegade. Renegade run's the car into the cars side forcing it of the side. The car crashes through the brick wall, landing into the icy water below.  He drives towards the mountian's, right beside a beautiful coastline. Renegade's car is shown riding into the night. Meanwhile Poet is shown arriving at the food factory, he's walking up the Aisle, he stops at Justins office and opens the door. Justin looks up a little bloodied and bruised.


Poet: The one and only....Ew... nasty! Took a beating.

Justin:Just a little bit, is this covered under workmans cop?

Poet:Not hardly!

Justin:You should be proud of your boy over there.... Got a shot on the Renegade....

Poet:Should I?

Justin:No really took my thirty eight got him really good.

Poet:Is that so boy! How devine!



Tye:It really felt good!

     Poet smirks, then turns and looks at Justin, Dortanmier is shown at the police department, siiting beside LoveHorn, with his foot proped up on the bleeding Donnell. Donnell coughing through his injuries, manages to talk. shot me what's wrong with you...LoveHorn... Do you hear me?

LoveHorn: Who's he talking about?

Dortanmier: Just a dumbass look for attention! Go sweety introduce yourself!


LoveHorn: Call me Starlet!

Donnell:What the Hell?

     Starlet take her pointy heel and kicks him in his blopdy side. Dortanmier look's a amussing look at her. He put's his arm around her, and they kiss. Renegade is shown driving on the road, which is positioned high above sea level. A veiw of water crashing tinto rocks is shown. Renegade is int he skyline, traveling  fastly, he begins to close his eyes....Shakes his head, he takes out his cell phone a dials the condo.

Gregory:Bo! Are you ok? I saw the news.....Havent heard from you.... What happened???

Renegade:I'm almost dead.....Ive been shot in the shoulder and side, Im losing bllod right now! Think im about to wrek!

Gregory: Where are you?

Renegade: I'm (shaking head) I'm close......

     The car is shown frifting back and forth on the road. The Car then slowly drifts off into some trees, a view of the car is shown driving off the cliff and slamming into a rock! The car is ingulfed in flames, Gregory is shown yelling into the phone reciever!

Gregory: BO! BO! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Gregory, hangs up then runs into the computer room..... Looking at the rader tracker, he sees a blinking light. It blinks a couple of times. Then fades away. He puts his thumb on the location, then start's to figure out how far from the Condo the actual pin point target is located. Writing down the location Poet is shown talking to Justin still.

Poet: The city is ours.... Renegade is loose.... But if he's our only threat I like our chances!

Tye:Je me excuse! But where is the last delivery goin?

Poet:What the hell?

Justin:Thats it for the night.

Poet:Nice to meet you........Both..... Kid your my kind of guy! Ok' look enough BS, Heckler is at the police department.I want you to continue shippment's, I want this whole city over thrown!  

Justin:Where are you going?

Poet: to the bookstore! I have Jaun and Fredrick on their way to the police station.Heckler and Starlet will meet me there. You will recive further orders from us tommarrow.


     Gregory is shown on in a jeep cruising the coastline by the sand, looking for Renegade, He spots smoke, Gregory drives the jeep closer coming to a stop by the edge. Peering over he see's what appears to be rubble. Gregory covers his mouth, tearing up, then spots a walking path. He proceeds climbing to the bottom. Fredrick is back at the Police Department looking baffled at Donnell who lays dead on the ground. Jaun orders him to take out the dead body.

"Jetable Corps!"

     Fredrick picks up the body and Jaun directs him to throw it out back in the dumpster. Governer Derosa is shown tied up at the book store Dortanmier and Starlet stand by. Dortanmier looks ill  walk's up and stairs directly at the Governer. Look's at starlet, blowing her a kiss then turns back around and punches him, Poet enters the room.

Poet: Now Dortanmier that's no way to treat our guest!

Dortanmier:Heh whatever. How is everything at the factory?

Poet: We have been able to get into some more government building....I'm not to worried about the hospitals. We may need them.

Dortanmier:Yeah. This guy might, Governer, you knonw this really isnt some nostalgic demented attempt to be imature, this is so much more. This is what real law looks like! Soon we will be showing all of you, and doing what you could never think of, you have seen and witnessed my campaigning. Someone disagrees, I shoot them! It's so much easier than court! Who needs that SHIT!

      He pulls out his gun cocks the trigger back and positions the weapon in the governers face. Poet speaks up.

Poet: Dont! He's our barging agreement, just incase!

     Dortanmier nodes,  Gregory is shown looking through the peaces. When he get's closer to the Skyline, hes see something inside. Then notices gas leaking on the rock, Gregory makes a flying leap into the water. As a explosion is heard. Tye is delivering to one of the local coffee houses. While pulling the truck to a stop, he stop's to think, looking up he's notices the sun setting. Then he muffles something to himself.

Tye:I shot renegade......

    Reality sinks in deeper.

Tye:I Shot Renegade. This isn't what I wanted.....what' is wrong with me????

  His phone rings it's Justin.


Justin: Are you there yet? I need you to hurry.

Tye:Oh because it's the last one?

Justin:Yes, and well, and to talk to you about your physical, did you eat anything today?

Tye:Yeah in the cafeteria....That's about it, the last few day's really.

Justin:Good....I'll see you when you get back.

   They hang up Tye is thinking out loud again.

Tye:That was odd...Whatever.....

    Tye get's out of the truck, walk's around back and lowers the loading gate. When he does, he pulls out a walk way from the back of the trailer, which extends all the way to the ground, Tye walk's up the ramp, to the Trailer door. He unlocks it, lifts the door, and while grabbing the dolly, begins to think....

Tye:Food, Nurse.....Food, Nurse..... Doesnt make since.

   While working Tye still is considering everything. The doors to the Cell rooms open, Dortanmier walk's in with Fredrick and Jaun. He's holding some type of clothes.

Dortanmier:Look what we found! (Holds up a prison uniform.) We are going to play a little game! If you dont mind strip please.

Corbel:What the hell Dortanmier?

   Dortanmier pulls out his gun and fires a shot in the air.


   Corbel and the men undress infront of Dortanmier.

Dortanmier: Corbel You never mention how stunning you were naked. Makes me blush! Here dickheads, put these on!

   Dortanmier opens the cell door and throws the suits inside.

Corbel:What's the meaning of this?

Dortanmier:Just a little community service.... We are going to have so much fun, if you like when we hand cuff you guys, you can hold hands.

  A shot of the bookstore is captured. Poet shown sitting across the table from LoveHorn aka Starlet....

Poet:You know i'm surprised he left you here. Really surprised.


Poet:You know.... your clothes are awful looking, do you want new ones?

Starlet:Um.....Sure I guess.....

Poet:Here, come with me.

Starlet: Im sleepy.....

Poet:Me too.... How about this we get some rest. I'll get up, get cleaned up, and take you shopping.

   She shakes her head, showing off emotional discomfort. But not quite sane behavior. Tye's staking boxes on the dolly. When he finally reaches a conclusion.

Tye:Oh my God.....The food is drugged..... That's the only thing that makes sense....WOW!

  Tye drops the dolly and the boxes crash to the floor.

Tye:Oh my......Ive got to do something.....

  Gregory is pulling up onto a street corner at the food factory. He arrives there because he remembers Renegade calling from that location. Getting out he start's looking for anything revealing. He notices a gaurd at the gate. Not wanting to draw attention to himself he disappears in the decreasing night. Corbel, Soto, others are being escorted in a line. Single file into a prison truck.

Dortanmier rares back, and hits Corbel in the back of the head with his gun, he and Soto fall to the ground.Dortanmier bends down kissing Corbel on the cheek. Fredrick and Jaun look at each other surprised.

Dortanmier:Sorry Son of a Bitch! Ive got something good for his ass!

Jaun:When was the last time you rested?

Dortanmier: I just winkle through the days. ALL ABOARD!

  Everyone climbs on Heckler hops into the driver seat and starts the engine. Gregory is moving around the outside of the factory, looking for a way in. All of a sudden he notices a delivery truck cruising straight the through the security gate, he reaches for a gun in his pocket. The gaurd opens fire! Gregory get's in close eye veiw and shoots the gaurd in the head. Gregory was a ex sniper for the swat team, so he isnt a bad shot. Gregory takes off running to the jeep. The delivery truck runs straight through, Tye see his target in site. It's the main factory building. Tye jumps out on the hard ground, the truck smashes through the building, Ripping through everything that stands in it's way! Justin looks up from his desk and sees a series of explosions through the building.

Justin:Thats our truck! TYE???

  Tye sits up from the ground some security is running down stairs, yelling at him, demanding him to stay.As they reach for guns, Tye takes off running, Gregory drives the jeep inside. He slings open the door, Tye jumps in, then the jeep is shown escaping in the new horizened day light. The prison van is shown coming to a stop in front of the air port gate. Dortanmier is let in as soon as the security officer see's who it is. The van enters and is shown driving towards hanger seven, Corbel is seen stairing out of the window.... Briggs looks at Corbel and speaks.

Briggs:What are you thinking chief??

Corbel: Oh now you come to...Just thinking about Donna....I hope she doesnt go to the station!

Briggs:Maybe you'll get lucky....

Corbel:She want's to get married..... I was scared, now im wishing I reconsidered.....

Briggs:You told her no chief?

Corbel:No....I didnt say anything..... I swear if she dies......

Briggs: The way it look's we need to be worring about our selves right now.

Corbel:Yeah...That' right.....Probably my best shot at saving her!

     The Van comes to a stop in the Hanger. Lucifer turns around.

Dortanmier:Ok ASSHOLES! Dont go anywhere???? No but, we'll be right back, have to get the boys in order.....But if your thinking about trying anything, I will kill you, and hang you up by your testicals on the american flag pole! Then when planes land they can salute, be right back!

     The Jeep is seen driving down the road, all of a sudden Gregory sees something fall out onto the road. He swerves missing it, then avoiding a oncoming car. Comes to a complete stop on the otherside of the road. Gregory look's out the window, then talks to Tye.

Gregory:Om my Lord.....It's Renegade!

Tye:You know him?

Gregory:Kind of.....I thought he was dead! Here help me get him....

Tye:I dunno....

Gregory:Kid he's going to get ran over! Come on!

Tye:I shot him!


Tye:Well, I was drugged by the food in the cafetria.... Thought he was trying to kill me, and was programed thinking he was the bad guy.... He chased....I shot!

   Gregory is mad after hearing, but understands and gives Tye a break.

Gregory:It's all good if you promise me one thing.


Gregory:If you ever tell anything that you see or hear tonight, I have the permission to kill you, deal?

Tye:What...the f....

     Gregory goes for the door....

Gregory:Trust me kid, we are the good guy's, but I promise you tell anything dead!

     Gregory put's his hand out to shake Tye's, Tye doesnt do anything. Gregory see's a car coming in the distance he rushes out and over to Renegade on the other side of the street. He check's for a pulse it's beating, Tye see's the car gaining pace, then utters something.

Tye:I guess the only way to make up for trying to take a life, is to save one.

     Tye opens the door hurrying to the otherside to help Gregory. Gregory looks up surprised when Tye grabs his feet. They hurry getting to the midle of the road, then crossing back,dispearing behind the Jeep as a car passes.

Gregory: Help me boy!


     Gregory looks at with a sea of anger in his eyes. Then Tye extends his hand, Gregory smiles and both men shake. Gregory opens the back door. They lift Renegade, Tye complains about him being heavy for a small guy. They get him in the back. Tye Runs back around the Vehicle, getting in. Gregory enters, shuts his door, then turns on the engine, gazing out the windows, for cars and they drive off. Fredrick opens the prison van doors, as forklifts are working in the back ground loading a air plane with men working hard. Loading new crates

Fredrick:Alright, everybody off! Theres work to be done!

   Dortanmier is talking to Jaun

Dortanmier:This is the last of the Museum and Office stuff?

Jaun:Everything is here....Are we gonna hit that Electronics store?

Dortanmier:No need......We had a food truck sent in, with a New District Manager.....They Should be on their way, very soon!

  LoveHorn is shown awaking..... Looking around a very nice room inside the bookstore. There's a knock at the door. LoveHorn walk's over to it and let's the man in. It's Poet, with a glass of wine.

Poet:Here please drink......

  The medicine is kinda of wearing off LoveHorn, then she speaks.....

LoveHorn: Who??? Oh yeah Poet!

   She gives a nice friendly look, then wraps her arms around him, and they Kiss, Poet and her get pretty hot and heavy. She and him fall onto the bed, rubbing,touching, kissing eachother. She starts taking off his jacket, and scenes change. Gregory opens the door to the condo, he and Tye walk inside carrying Renegades body. Tye scopes out the place, and is astonished at how nice the condo is.

Tye:WOW! This is a Condo????

Gregory:Yes. We are very succesful men....On this couch!

Tye:Obviously! What about the blood, will it not damage the couch????

Gregory: We will buy another, he's lost a lot of blood, be careful!

   They place him on the couch.... Gregory tell's Tye to follow him....They walk into the Kitchen, Gregory show's Tye where all the medical supplies are. They start grbbing some.

Tye:Doesnt he need IV's and stuff?

Gregory:Yes we have some.I used to be a medic, and sniper in the armed forces, we have all that stuff. I just want to get those bullets out of him. You got him pretty good kid, hes lucky! Here let's get to work.

    They both leave the kitchen going back int the other room. Gregory removes the bandana from around his head, and revealing his face, Tye stairs in shock.

Tye:Whoa! I wasn't expecting that.....That's Bo Reindhart the ex Baseball player, slash ex, Military man, who then turned to extreme sports, Snowboarding and BMX.

Gregory:Who is a very successful entrapaneur, who's branched out, owning various ComicBook, Bike, Music Stores actually the biggest in Woodcelo. Like I said your dead if one word gets out!

Tye:I understand completely I swear not one word on my life!

Gregory: Alright. in the Kitchen under the sink there is bowl, grab one, and feel it with water. Then bring it back. Ive got to get this Jacket and top off Of him, oh bring extra towels. When you get back I'll need them, and should have the first bullet out, at least out of the shoulder that is. You got him good. But you chose to save his life, that's why I didnt kill you.

Tye:Ah that's good to know....

      Gregory is has renegades jacket off, and now removing the top.

Gregory:Hurry Kid! Ouch you also took quite a blow to the head....

      Tye shakes his head running off...... Dortanmier is seen back at the air port watching Corbel and the officers place everything in the crates. Briggs talk's to Corbel.

Briggs:Ok... We have been planning.....If we create a deversion while one of us asks to go to the bath room, that could be enough to get one of loose, and hopefully no one dies.

Corbel:Hopefully, so whos going to the bathroom???

Briggs:It's all you chief.....

Corbel:Why am I the favorite????

Briggs:Because of you and Donna, look its ok, go ge....

    Jaun interupts the convo.

Jaun:Whats the hold up?

Corbel:I have to pee!


Corbel:I have to pee, look! Ive been holding it!

    Jaun takes out a pocket knife grabs Corbel and holds the knife at Corbels crotch.

Jaun:You know I can fix that!

Corbel:Go for it!

   Dortanmier speaks up.

Dortanmier:Waht's going on?

Jaun:He says he's gotta pee!

Dortanmier:Take him! If anyone is going to kill him it's me. If you harm one hair on his head your dead, got it?


Dortanmier:Fredrick! HAve you heard from Poet, or Starlet?

Fredick:Nothing man.....

     Dortanmier pull's out his phone, and dials a number, as Jaun walk's off with the cuffed Corbel. The phone rings... and rings... no answer, Dortanmier get's mad and throw the phone. At that time Jaun opens the outside door with the cuffed Corbel. Who stands looking at Jaun.

Corbel:Are you going to unzip me, and pull it out or do I get the pleasure?

Jaun:Heh....Funny douche! Here go for it, beat off while your at it, make the most of it, because it may be your last!

    While talking Jaun, takes off the cuff's. Corbels handare free, Jaun pull's out some cigerrettes and start's to smoke. Corbel start's to pee the says something, it catches Jauns attention, who is putting the pack of smokes, back in his jacket. Corbel turns around and pisses in Jauns face, it hit's him directly in the eyes. Corbel takes the gun and smakes Corbel across the face, knocking him to the ground. Inside Fredrick, Dortanmier hear something, Briggs then drops one of the paintings. Dortanmier looks surprised. Walking over to Briggs.

Dortanmier:You dip shit! That was expensive.


   Dortanmier smirks get's in Briigs face, then throws a punch! Dortanmier hits him in the throat connecting in a pressure point. Briggs fall's grabbing his throat. Dortanmier kicks him in the side, and again. The other cuffed officers looking try to go after him. Fredrick holds them at gun point.

Dortanmier: You little asshole! I'm glad you did that! Needed to get my anger out!

   Dortanmier grabs Briggs tearing his pant's off!

Dortanmier: Ok JERKS! EVERYONE WATCH CLOSLY! This is what happens when you disobey!

   Dortanmier leaves Briggs in his boxers he walk's over to a man on a forklift.

Dortanmier: Get OFF! NOW!

   Dortanmier then grabs a off of a table, walk's back to the forklift, and ties it to the back. When doing so walk's over to Briggs. Who is still in pain holding his throat. Dortanmier pulls out some cuffs rolling Briggs over on his front side then grabs him and then ties the rope around his neck.  Dortanmier get's up and walk's back to the table grabing a can of gas, he carries it back to Briigs, the arrested officers start yelling and trying to fight the bad guys. Dortanmier smirks, taking the gas can and props it on the floor, Dortanmier pushes the knot on the rope up on his kneck, he then picks up the can and tilts Briggs head back, he then forces open Briggs mouth and pors the can of gas down his throat. Dortanmier then walk's back over to the fork lift. He climbs in Briggs yelling!!! As the camera shows Dortanmier peak his head out of the fork lift, when he starts to drive, it shows Corbel standing out side with Jaun on the ground. Corbel hears the screaming, relizing it's Briggs, he has Jaun cuffed dragging him around the side. He the searches Jaun, finding a Cell phone, he then takes it. Jaun is unconteous, Corbel dials a number. Donna Answers.


Donna:HEY! Where are you I have been wo.....

Corbel:Donna shut up! Stay there DO NOT LEAVE! DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

Donna: Ok????

Corbel:It's Bad! VERY BAD! I have to Go! I LOVE YOU, and I WANT TO MARRY YOU! If you still want to?

Donna:Is that a proposal?

Corbel:YOU KNOW IT! Gotta go!

    Corbel hears Fredrick calling for Jaun. He hangs up, Fredrick hears the click, and look's down at the pee on the ground noticing the splashes on the wall. He then walk's around the corner and see's Jaun Cuffed on the ground. He runs over, then is hit from behind. Corbel and him wrestle on the ground fighting. Then a gun shot is heard. Fredrick fall's off dead, as Corbel shoot's him throught the heart. Dortanmier is standing over the dead Briggs, he the other bad guys, and cops hear the gun shot. Lucifer turns to them.

Dortanmier:Stay busy! If one man so much as breathes wrong. KILL HIM!

    Corbel is shown finishing switching clothes. He hears the out side door slam open, then runs off hiding behind the hanger. Dortanmier walk's around the corner, seeing the knocked out Briggs, and dead Fredrick. Dortanmier pull's out his gun, then  creeps around at this time, Corbel has managed to run to the terminal. Where he enters the air port. Gregory is shown cleaning Bo's side, Tye watching, bloody towels surround them, and Bo lay's with a Iv stuck in his wrist, while hooked up to a heart moniter.

Gregory:His pulse is slow....We may need a transfusion... What's your blood type?

Tye:WHAT???? I ...

Gregory:You may have to....Because mines differant..... I mean he wouldnt be laying here if not for you.....

Tye:Type A.....

Gregory:Good that's rare.... I'll go get the stuff... Dont worry kid, I swear on my life I want let you or him die!

   Gregory extends his hand, they shake, then Gregory goes to get the stuff. Lucifer is shown circling the hanger when his phone rings.

Poet:Hello my friendly friend, not friendly in the meantime! How the hell are you?

Dortanmier:Corbel is gone....Fredrick is dead, and Jaun is knocked out! But the shippment is almost finished.... And it looks as if, the sporting goods truck has arrived. Bet Rindhart will be pissed when he finds out he got knocked clean! That somewhat makes me feel better....

Poet:How did that other stuff happen?

Dortanmier:Well I couldnt get you! Got mad, you better not be messing with my girl!

Poet:Im am but a man in a sea of love, but a friend wouldnt do that to his friendly friend.

Dortanmier:Whatever, where are you two???

Poet:Oh I took her shopping, she complained about moving around in those hill's and business suit. I didnt think you would mind. But now Corbel has gone, I think we may swing by the Police department.... Besides, we cant have him getting the governer! You know just to be precauteous. However, Renegade almost died, I dont think Corbel opposses that much a threat.

Dortanmier:Ok....Answer your phone from now on!


Dortanmier:Dont screw with me poet! You cant our game me! Thats a promise!

Poet:Never Friend!

     They hang up Corbel is shown riding in a Taxi, which comes to a stop infront of his apartment. He walk's up the apartment stairs, scenes change as Tye is gettin trying to sit up from a chair. Gregory speaks up.

Gregory:Hey dont! Rest awhile, let the blood flow!


Gregory:NO! But look his pulse is  A LOT better! That was a great thing you did! Now he want try to kill you either! So you have nothing to worry about.


Gregory:Well how would you feel?

     Gregory has cleaned up the mess while they talk, and start's to walk away.

Tye:Where are you going?

Gregory:To find some more gear! Looks like we are going to be a team now. Trust me kid, you'll never worry about a thing again! We will train you!

Tye:What if I dont want to?

Gregory:Then I can go ahead and shoot you....Makes no differance to me!

Tye:I was just playing...You think Im nut's there is no ride like a free ride!


    Gregory walk's off, Tye is thinking. Looking around the nice room. He goes for the remote and flips on the Tv.

Tye: I cant believe this, or these guys....Who does this??

   Gregory comes back from the kitchen.

Gregory:Tv?? That's good help your self to any food. Anything Kid! build your strength back, but lay there at least thirty minutes to a hour before moving, trust me. We have movie channels... So that should keep you busy....I'm going to the computer room, I'll be back to check on you. Then I'll show what I want you to do. Your going to baby sit. Please come to the room at the far end of the condo, if you notice anything strange with his pulse, or anything!


   Gregory walk's off, Poet is shown grabbing the Governer out of the cell, Starlet is dressed in what appears to be cargo pants with a tank top and hoodie jacket. Poet throws Derosa against the wall.

Poet:I run this town now! Derosa I just got a promotion, and your fired. Now let's call a press conferance announcing it!

   Corbel is shown with Donna, watching the Tv, and talking.

Corbel:Your staying with me...

Donna:Well of coarse I am! What's Next?

Corbel: I'm going to get the Fed's in here....

Donna:I can't belive they do not already know.

Corbel:Yeah, we'll our food is drugged, speaking of which, what have you eaten?

Donna: Just some left overs.....

Corbel:You remember??? Ok so I dont have to worry about you.

    The Hanger at the airport is shown. A car enters and doors open, Starlet, and Poet get out. Which are met by Dortanmier,  then a conversation begin's while Poet pull's the Governer from the back.

Dortanmier:GEEEE!!!! LOOKY at the time! Starlet, you look so nice! Stunning really!

   Poet has the Derosa cuffed.

Poet:I told you friend....She was limping!

Dortanmier:Whatever. Let's get this plan set to leave.

Poet:Ok but first, im taking our dear old Governer to the back room.

    Poet walk's off with the Governer. Renegade is shown laying on his coach, start's talking, and wakes up. Tye rushes over. Then Gregory is shown wearing a trench coat in hand, with Renegade like attire on.

Gregory:What's he saying???

Tye: It was just utterances, like a child...He's eyes are open...I dont even have to ask about the costume, do I?

Gregory: No your smart enough.(He sits down beside Bo) Bo can you hear me? Bo?

   Bo turns his head.....

Bo:What the HELL??? Who are you people?

 Bo then set's up in a state of shock notices the Iv and passes back out.

Gregory:Here Tye!(Hands him a Cell phone)He's going to be out awhile...

Tye:What just happened?

Gregory:He hit his head.... Im guessing he has sign of amneissia. Look call me if anything else happens.

Tye:That's a really big Gun straped around you, where are you going?

Gregory: To the Police station. Maybe I'll find Corbel.

     Gregory takes off his holster, and put's on the trench coat. He then puts the gun back over him. Tye looks stunned when Gregory pull's out a brown bandana and ties it around his head. Corbel is seen, hanging up his telephone. Donna speaks to him.

Donna:No luck?

Corbel:No, not at all. They dont believe me.

Donna:Yeah... Let's go to the Station! I guess we'll have to stop this ourselves!

     Poet is sitting inside the Terminal flirting with Starlet. Talking about the planes, all of a sudden the door slams open. They jump aside, and Dortanmier kind of saw something. He smirks and enter's.

Dortanmier:Hello love birds! Imagine that!


    Dortanmier walk's over to her and punches her in the face. She fall's to the floor. Poet jumps up anger in his eyes.

Dortanmier: Lying isnt good! But the Truth has a way of coming out, that is for what it's worth!(He spit's in Poets face) Where is the Governer?

Poet:I'm not saying.....Is the plane ready?

Dortanmier: Yeah, we just need to get it out of the hanger, and on to the Runway.I'll deal with you later. If you need me, i'll be with our Piolet.

Poet:Been thinking about that....We need to find Corbel first!

Dortanmier:Dont worry! He'll be back.

Poet:How do you know?

Dortanmier:Because no one will beleive him, who does what we have managed to accomplish?

Poet:Alright if you say so....(Dortanmier walk's out the door) Hey Dortanmier!


Poet:Dont you ever hit her again....You just think you'll fix me!

        Dortanmier smirk's walk's out, Corbel is shown at the Police station, looking for weapons, Donna is watching, Corbel turns instinctavly when hearing foot steps. His eyes widen... Gregory is shown walking in.

Corbel:Renegade you look differant, the hairs shorter, and I do not remember the sniper rifle.

Gregory:I'm not Renegade, I'm his partner. He's hurt...Bad!

Corbel:Who are you and give one good reason, to trust you!

Gregory:Call me Vengance! Trust me because Renegade is my friend. This is also my city, and I want it back just as much as you.

Corbel:Ok.....Vengance......I do not understand why you guys, have your mindless names.

Vengance:For protection. Look man....I want to help, right now half the city is drugged, and we do not have many options. I suggest, we get busy, because I fear this will get worse. First one city, then the next. It's a growing Dicease.

Corbel:Tell me something I dont know....

Vengance: Well, Maybe you can tell me, where all of this is going down.

Corbel:You mean you dont know?

Vengance:Look Chief, with all do respect, please dont patraitnize me! Ok?

Corbel:Right now the air port.(Vengances Phone ring's it's Tye)


Tye:Hey Man, he woke up yell screaming, where am I??? Tried to pull the Iv out, but didnt succeed. Now he's sleeping like a bay again.

Vengance:How's his heart?

Tye:Steady..... I just thought you should know, how are things?

Vengance:Picking up, we are about to leave......Look's like the air port is the hot spot. Which leads me to say, I don't want to do this.....But if we need a car a way out, I may call you. There is another vehicle at the house, it's a Hummer. I'll call you if that's the case, If he act's out againt let me know, and especiall if he regains his mind. He'll want up, and to fight, Ok?

Tye:Got ya!

Vengance:Great.....Listen I have to go we have a date to catch.

Tye:I understand.....Be safe....Hello....Hello....Ahhhhh these guys have no patience.

     Tye get's up and look's around the room, he looks down at Bo, then walk's away. Looking in the Kitchen in the Condo, thinking what a awesome Condo. Houses arn't even this nice! Vengance and Corbel are seen putting weapons into duffle bags then toating them out on to the street. Corbel walk's up to a police car, opens the back door and throws in the first bag, full of guns, and grenades.Vengance goes around and get's in the drivers side. Corbel Hollers out.

Corbel:Hey what are you doing?

Vengance:Taking charge! Get in! There is work to be done. Tell your girl to get in the back.Really may be better taking her home.....

Corbel:No she stays, just incase.....I know they have my information.


    Corbel holds the door for his lady, she get's in the back seat. Corbel shut's the door. Then closes it behind him.Tye's seen walking down, one of the hallways. Walking all the way to the back room, he opens the door, notices workout benches. He enters the room grabs some five pound weights. He starts lifting feeling still a little dizzy from the tranfusion. He sits the weights down on the rug hearing a thud. Tye removes the weights placing them back onto the bench, he then goes to the rug  and lift's it up, noticing a trap door. Tye folds the rug over. Then walk's to  the trap door and proceeds to open it. He look's down into the hole, then climbs down it, useing the ladder. He pulls his cell phone from his pocket for light, when he shines it on the wall, he's a switch. Then he flips it, the lights turn on, and Tye is surrounded by a huge. Computer room, Poet and Dortanmier are seen standing by the run way watching their  airplane pull out onto the open track. A old monte carlo comes to a stop in clear view of the track. Vengance, Corbel and his lady are inside.

Corbel: Ok I easily escaped because half of the the air port is drugged from the food. However, I know they have men positioned everywhere now, so that may not be a option.

Vengance:Maybe not.....How about this?


Vengance: That plan is about to leave, I can get a clear shot in, let's chase it, you drive, we follow then we will crash through the gate and try to get the real bad guys. ...

Corbel:To risky.... How about this..... You make it to the roof. Shoot out a couple of tires, I want donna to lay low out side, I'll go back in through the main lobby. Then we will tak them by surprise, and if anything goes wrong. She'll be our escape. How does that sound?


Corbel: I know that riffle of yours can shoot long distance. So I want you to go to those woods and fir a shot off. Go for the tires, if he still proceeds to take off, shoot the pilot.

Vengance::Ok get me over there.

     Tye hears something. He get's startled as he's looking at his computer. He hears a clatter, then climbs back up the ladder, he see's Bo leaning on the door opening. Bo is holding his arm, where he pulled the Iv from his wriste. He almost fall's forward and Tye grabs him. Tye reaches in his pocket, pulling the cell phone out. He dials Vengance. Vengance is shown walking in the woods looking for a place to shoot, he pull's out the phone as he watches Corbel and Donna drive away. Vengance answers.



Vengance:Whats wrong?

Tye:He's up....bleeding, not but he pulled out the Iv, and ive managed to walk him back down the hall.

Vengance:Ok...put him on the couch, then wrap it tightly. How was his heart rate?

Tye: Tt was really good actually.

Vengance:Good, did he say anything?

Tye:Just mumbled who was I, where is he???

Vengance:Ok......Well do that...Let me know if anything happens.....

Tye:Whats going on with you?

Vengance:Im getting in position to shoot...I have to go. We'll talk later Tye.

    They hang up Vengance get's into position, the plane is shown pulling out onto the track. Vengance then load's a bullett in and shoots hitting one of the tires. Poet and Dortanmier are surprised and begin looking around as the bullets shoot the tires, causeing a colapse. Dortanmier looks at Starlet who is standing by the hanger.

Dortanmier:Go! Make sure no one get's the Governer!

   Starlet runs inside. Then Poet tell's the plane to drive anyway. When doing so Vengance fires several more shot's into the plane window. The plane stops. The Pilot jumps into the back. Poet frustrated demands that someone get the lift. So he can enter the plane. Dortanmier, look's over and notices the Monte Carlo parked in clear eye view. Corbel is shown walking through the lobby, trying to make hi way through the crowd. As scenes change Bo is laying on the couch, he opens his eyes and starts talking to Tye.

Bo:What is this place?

Tye:This is your house. How do you feel?

Bo:Not to good..... Who are you?

Tye:I'm Tye! Im Gregories friend.....

Bo:Who is Gregory?

    Tye look's puzzled by this. Vengance is shown moving through the wood's he positions himself in clear view of the security gate. A shot rings out. Everyone hears Vengance get's moves a little closer. Men are shown jumping into the air port vehicles, to go check it out. Poet then walk's onto the platform of the lift. Dortanmier, walk's over and shoots the lift driver in the back of the head. Then throws him off. Poet looks surprised. Dortanmier then raises the lift. Dortanmier, turns the vehicle on, as Poet yell's, Starlet hears what going on. She rushes outside, Corbel walks out dressed in a security outfit,, he' sees the confusion. As starlet runs out onto the track. Corbel makes a run for the Hanger. Men are shown coming through the main runway enterance, talking to security. Vengance get's into position and one by one, rips through the bad guy's Jaun, sees where the shot's are coming from jumps into one of the vehicles and rides off. Vengance cant get a shot on him, and continues ripping through the crowd. At this time Corbel is shown entering the back room, he see Governer Derosa all tied up. Corbel enters the room and  starts to un gag, and un tie the governer. Dortanmier stops th lift half way up then ye'lls out at Poet.

Dortanmier:Alright MOTHER F@#$ER! I told you I would get you!(Starlet runs over, Dortanmier back hand her.Poet pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots at Dortanmier, Dortanmier jumps off. Escaping the bullet's, Starlet climbs on.)

     She lowers the lift then is grabbed by Dortanmier. Vengance, is shown getting up from his position and is met by a Gunshot in his arm. He look's up it's Jaun. Vengance then dis appears into the wood's. Dortanmier is shown, clutching Starlet stairing at Poet, talking.

Dortanmier:Even though we have only been together for a moment, Starlet your memory will forever last a lifetime!

Poet:Dont! Dortanmier......DONT!

Dortanmier:You like Poems???? Ok Roses are Red,Violet's are blue, you tried to screw me, now i'll screw both of you!

    Corbel is shown looking out the hanger. All of a sudden a shot is heard. Hitting Dortianmier in the back. He fall's to the ground. Starlet look's with tears in her eyes. Poet shoot's at Corbel, who returns fire. Then re enters the hanger. Poet is shown driving the lift back to the Plane. He shoot's back at the hanger, as he tell's Starlet to drive. They get in position, he pull's out another gun. They both jump on the lift as he shoot's back at the Hanger. At this time the Monte Carlo comes crashing throught the fence. The lift stops, Poet and Starlet are seen entering the door into the plane, and being met by the Pilot. Jaun is seen walking through the wood's then is tackled by Vengance. Hurt arm and all a fight takes places between the two men. Corbel look out the hanger, and Dortanmiers body is gone, he then sees Donna get out of the Monte Carlo, fighting wihin he wants to presue the plane. Then he see's Donna being grabbed by Dortanmier. He turns Poet and Starlet are shown in the cockpit. The Pilot talk's.

Pilot: He shot one tire. and the side of the plane, barley hitting the glass. I think we can make it like this.

Poet:Good, Starlet are you ok?


Poet:Good! Lets go!

    Dortanmier is shown talking to Corbel, his girl in his hand.

Dotanmier:Ok' so this is where we are supposed to have the big shoot out, and you win, getting the girl....You shot me once D#$%HEAD!  He ran off with my girl. Now.... Im a little frustrated, and your going to watch me take yours! GET IN THE CAR BITCH!

    Dortanmier throws her inside. Then shoots at Corbel, whos goes back inside. Trying to shoot but fearing of hitting Donna. Corbel over looks his shoulder, as the car leaves. He see's the Plane flying off into the sunset. Jaun takes his fist, and drives it into Vengances wounded arm. Vengance takes out a type of knife, and due to lose of feeling in his arm. Jaun kicks it out of his hand. Then pulls out a gun,  Vengance reaches into his coat, pulling out a twenty two and quickly shoot's Jaun, making him fall to the ground. Vengance look's up and sees the plane flying away.  The looking across the Track he see's Corbel standing by the hanger,  looking at where the Monte Carlo got away. Feds start pouring in. Vengance then makes a run for it through the wood's. Corbel, apprehends a police car, then takes off trying to catch up with Dortanmier. Tye is shown back at the Condo, Bo start's to talk again.

Bo:Hey! If your Tye?


Bo:Ok.... How did I get like this???

Tye:Ummm..... You were Shot.

     Bo shakes his head.

Bo:Oh....So your rich huh?

Tye:Not really.....

Bo:Oh.... Ok, umm..... What's my name?

    Tye shakes his head slowly, tmusic play's and the credits' hit the screen.

"The End"

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