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Saturday, 7 August 2010
Escaped Crusaders

Batman The EsCaped Crusaders

Copyright Dennis Shaun Bowman, and Warner Brothers Pictures. 2010

(Music is playing, the camera show's leaky pipes it follows the line up through a hole, into the dark. A school Bell ring's, a teacher storm's into a class room, with a child by the arm, scolding him for being bad.She forces him into a chair. The tries to get up.)

Teacher: NO! You stay Mr.Nigma, I'm going to get the principal!

(She storms out of the room, the boy reaches into his pocket pulling out a cube. The camera focuses in on his hands, twisting and turning the cube. We see his hands fast at work flipping question marks, o finally get to the word “Dead”.The door swings open young Nigma arises. The teacher enters with the principal at her side. Argument ensues, she jerks the puzzle from the boys hand, he lunges at her as if to attack the Principal restrains the boy.)

Reporter: More road blocks have been set up, as security is on high alert while the circus is in town. (Video of the Road Blocks are shown.) The police are only taking this as a precaution giving the attacks Gotham has been known for. The most recent The Joker killings five years ago.

(The camera focuses back on the two men one with a duffel bags, we are interrupted by a man who excuses his way through the crowd, carrying a guitar, the men are startled. He asks the crowd what they would like to hear for the night. Somebody speaks up and says "Eric Clapton Called I love you baby but I sure ain't gonna be your dog??? A lady speaks up and says, "Yeah BABY!" He shakes his head and begins to play for the crowd.

Guitarest: I love you baby, but sure ain't gonna be your dog!


People are clapping and singing. Car's are then shown getting stopped at a road block, a officer asks for the mans I.D as the car comes to a stop. The window roll's down and we see Bruce Wayne.)

Officer: Need to see your I.d sir.

Wayne:You sure about that?(The Officer gives a strange look. Wayne reaches into his pocket pulling out his wallet.) Apologies for the sarcasm officer. Here. (Bruce hands it to the officer, the officer look's at it.)

Officer: Thank you Mr.Wayne... I'll be right back we have to run a test on it. Apologies Sir, just being extra precautions with what transpired five years ago with the Circus is in town.

Wayne: Of coarse. No worries officer.

(The Officer walk's away. Scenes change and a the owner of Roman Jewelers is closing up shop. Roman Sionis closes up his brief case wearing a trench coat as he head's for the door stop's giving the night guard his orders.)

Roman: I trust tonight should go by smoothly. Please call me if you have any problems.

Guard: Will do Sir.... Have a good night.

(Roman nod's walking out the door and into the night. Scenes shift back to the officer approaching Wayne s car. Wayne look's at the officer, as he hands him back his I.D.)

Wayne: So it all checked out?

Officer: Yes sir apologies....

(Wayne, takes the I.D back.)

Wayne: it's quite alright.... I'm running late, tell the Lieutenant I said hi!

(The Officer glances at Wayne. Wayne smirk's rolling up his window to the Lamborghini. The camera then shows the car speeding off into the night.

Posted by bowminater at 1:10 AM EDT
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